Posted: November 24, 2009 in Motivation

It is amazing to me sometimes the symmetry that life throws at us.  It seems at times that we are all just spinning around on this rock, moving from place to place, event to event.  Each choice we make can seem random and arbitrary, but when you take a step back and really look at things from a slightly higher plane or perspective – there really does seem to be a method to the madness.

Dom post surgery

This past week once again my good friend Dom has taught me a valuable lesson – this time it is about the virtue of patience.  Since his surgery approximately 3 weeks ago as of this writing I know that there is nothing more in the world that Dom would like to be doing than going home to spend the family with his wife Val, his daughter Sierra and son Nico.  Dom’s surgery which was very successful and has since shown no signs of complication has led to a slower than hoped for recovery period.  There is a great update on Dom’s caring bridge journal from his cousin Renee below that talks about the challenges so far and what is causing the delay for Dom being home for the Holiday.

At the same time, his close friend and Marathoner – me – is struggling with a frustrating calf strain that has reared its head at a very inopportune time.  What started as a nagging irritation is now something that I have had to shut down from running this week and will be consulting with Dr. Fernandez tomorrow morning at Austin Sports Medicine.  Only three weeks away from the start to my 18-week training program for the Boston Marathon, I am very frustrated and disappointed.  All of the hard training this summer to build lean muscle, strengthen arms, legs, chest, back, core are now taking a backseat to rest and rehabilitation.  Mile splits which I have been able to reduce from a 7:31 marathon pace down below 7:00 are now going to need to be rebuilt after this bout of soreness.

As I was feeling particularly sorry for myself – I was able to take a step back on my flight home from L.A. today and put it all in perspective.  I need to take a lesson from my friend Dom – This step back in recovery that Dom is experiencing makes my disappointment in the interruption to my training all but insignificant.  All of Dom’s friends and family are connected this Holiday season giving thanks for precisely the same thing.  Whether we refer to Dom as our friend, husband, Dad, son, brother, uncle, cousin, grandson, nephew, co-worker or neighbor – we are all so very thankful that he is in our lives and is fighting like no other against this terrible disease. 

When this issue I’m having is cleared up at the hands of Dr. Fernandez – and I have little doubt that it will be – we are going to get back out there and hit those streets and trails with great confidence and great effort to show up to Hopkinton, MA on the morning of April 19th singularly focused on making my good friend proud.  Proud of all of you who have been following this journey, proud of all of the supporters who have given to the Run for Dom campaign and other fundraising initiatives and proud that through adversity we are all sticking together as that is what it is all about.

John Bingham wrote about marathoning that it takes far more courage to start the race than to finish it.  I would say that I have to agree.  I know one thing for certain with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching – I am glad that I have a great role model to look up to for inspiration as I rest, rehabilitate and then train up for Boston – I know Dom is no quitter and I am certainly not about to let him down.

Thank you Dom.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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