First miles of the new decade – Goals for 2010

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Motivation

Just back from my first run of 2010, an easy 3-miler this morning in a little over 21 minutes (7:07 pace). Today was a recovery run getting ready for this weekend’s 16 mile bike on Saturday and 8-mile run on Sunday. For everyone who has been asking, my lower leg injury seems to have cleared and we are back on track with our training for the Boston Marathon in April.  Albeit with a different training plan than I have used in the past.  I will be reducing my run days from 5 per week to 4, but adding 3 cycling days to help build strength in my quadriceps and calves for the hilly course from Hopkinton to Boston.  Each week will also feature 3 strength training sessions allowing for a total of 10 workouts a week for the next 13 weeks, then backing off of mileage during the two-week taper leading up to the first of two back-to-back marathons.  

I look forward to some of my longer Sunday runs to see if this revised schedule will provide me with the base I need to perform well at distances over 16 miles.  All early indications are that my legs are regaining strength from my time off.  My splits are solid – but 26.2 miles can be a very cruel test – especially on a difficult course like Boston.  Perhaps 2010 will be the year when I write my first book about this experience or maybe I will get the chance to help a friend train to make their own Boston Qualifying time … that is what is so great about the first of January – absolutely anything is possible. 

2010 Training Goals


I thought a lot about training goals for the upcoming year over the past few days.  Setting goals for 2010 was a much easier process than in past years as the Run for Dom effort is the primary focus for the first half of the new year.  Over the next few weeks we will begin securing sponsors for each individual mile of the two marathons which hopefully will add an additional 52 $100 donors to the Run for Dom effort. But for now it is increased training, improved nutrition and 130 workouts all aimed at preparing for two marathons in 13 days this spring. 

Post Pittsburgh however I have some new training goals on the horizon.   I would like to complete my first Duathalon (Bike, Run, Bike) this fall as well as begin swimming lessons to prepare for my first Triathlon experience. 

One goal that I overlooked in 2009 was to end the year injury free and be smarter about how I approach my training.   I want to make sure that I am working hard to stay in shape and challenge myself, but also listen to my body more/better and make sure I am getting the proper rest and recovery periods to be able to train injury free. 

Outside of training and racing of course there are personal goals that I have for the New Year.  I’d like to be a better husband, friend, mentor, boss, brother and son.  I’d like to attend my 25th high school reunion and reconnect with friends that I have lost track of.  I’d like to spend a little more time exploring Texas on the Harley and take two-step lessons with Dawn.  I’d like to meet up with my friend Ashley during her run across the US this spring and summer to benefit MS and run a few miles with her. 

I also have one more goal that I’m going to keep a secret for now … (you’ve got to have a few surprises) 

What I hope for most however in 2010 is that we all get an opportunity to chase down our goals and see them through.  A friend recently sent me a message referencing a training run of mine and how they could “never do that”.  Of course he could.  It isn’t the doing so much as the believing that holds us back in life.  

One thing I learned over the 1,628 miles covered in 2009 is that it takes a lot more courage to start something than it does to finish it. 

Happy New Year Everyone.  Here is to a great 2010!


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