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The elite field for the 114th running of the Boston Marathon on April 19th was announced on Wednesday. Defending champs Deriba Merga and Salina Kosgei return as well as prior Boston winners Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, Catherina Ndereba (Catherine the Great), Dire Tune and Lidia Grigoryeva.

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA)  has also put together a top field of Americans, including Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, Josh Rohatinsky, Antonio Vega and Jason Lehmkuhle.

The women’s field will include top runners Teyba Erkesso, Yurika Nakamura, Weiwei Sun and Agnes Kiprop.

 114th Boston Marathon John Hancock’s 2010 Elite Athlete Field

Men’s Open Field Personal Best
Deriba Merga, Ethiopia 2:06:38 (London, 2008)
Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, Kenya 2:07:14 (Boston, 2006) CR
Ryan Hall, USA 2:06:17 (London, 2008)
Abderrahim Goumri, Morocco 2:05:30 (London, 2008)
Gilbert Yegon, Kenya 2:06:18 (Amsterdam, 2009)
Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, Kenya 2:06:23 (Frankfurt, 2009)
Evans Cheruiyot, Kenya 2:06:25 (Chicago, 2008)
Chala Dechase, Ethiopia 2:06:33 (Dubai, 2010)
Elijah Keitany, Kenya 2:06:41 (Amsterdam, 2009)
David Kipkorir Mandago, Kenya 2:06:53 (Paris, 2009)
Benjamin Maiyo, Kenya 2:07:09 (Chicago, 2005)
Tekeste Kebede, Ethiopia 2:07:52 (Fukuoka, 2009)
Gashaw Asfaw, Ethiopia 2:08:03 (Paris, 2006)
John Kipkorir Komen, Kenya 2:08:06 (Reims, 2008)
Samuel Mugo, Kenya 2:08:20 (Beijing, 2009)
Stephen Kiogora, Kenya 2:08:24 (Frankfurt, 2008)
Mebrahtom Keflezighi, USA 2:09:15 (New York City, 2009)
Moses Kipkosgei Kigen, Kenya 2:10:12 (Nairobi, 2009)
Abdellah Falil, Morocco 2:12:37 (Turin, 2009)
Jason Lehmkuhle, USA 2:12:54 (New York City, 2007)
Cutbert Nyasango, Zimbabwe 2:13:19 (Berlin, 2009)
Alejandro Suarez, Mexico 2:13:33 (Torreon, 2009)
Josh Rohatinsky, USA 2:14:23 (New York City, 2008)
Antonio Vega, USA 2:15:45 (Minneapolis/St.Paul, 2009)
Joe Marruchella, USA 3:17:43 (Pittsburgh 2009)
Women’s Open Field Personal Best
Salina Kosgei, Kenya 2:23:22 (Berlin, 2006)
Catherine Ndereba, Kenya 2:18:47 (Chicago, 2001) NR
Madai Perez, Mexico 2:22:59 (Chicago, 2006) NR
Teyba Erkesso, Ethiopia 2:23:53 (Houston, 2010)
Dire Tune, Ethiopia 2:24:40 (Houston, 2008)
Lidiya Grigoryeva, Russia 2:25:10 (Los Angeles, 2006)
Weiwei Sun, China 2:25:15 (Beijing, 2002)
Bruna Genovese, Italy 2:25:28 (Boston, 2006)
Albina Mayorova-Ivanova, Russia 2:25:35 (Chicago, 2003)
Yurika Nakamura, Japan 2:25:51 (Nagoya, 2008)
Agnes Kiprop, Kenya 2:26:22 (Turin, 2009)
Nailya Yulamanova, Russia 2:26:30 (Rotterdam, 2009)
Koren Jelela Yal, Ethiopia 2:28:41 (Venice, 2009)
Waynishet Girma, Ethiopia 2:29:50 (Amsterdam, 2009)
Tatyana Pushkareva, Russia 2:30:30 (San Antonio, 2009)
Meseret Legese, Ethiopia 2:31:37 (Padova, 2009)
Michelle Frey, USA 2:35:51 (Minneapolis/St. Paul, 2006)
Mestewat Tufa, Ethiopia Debut
Chaofeng Jia, China Debut

Just thought I would sneak that last Male Elite runner in there to see if you guys are really reading along!

The reality is that the top elite men will be finishing the course about the same time I am reaching mile 17 – but just being part of such an incredible event is going to be an amazing experience.  In fact 2010 is shaping up to be full of amazing events.

Back in January I had posted my goals for the upcoming year – and at the time I had mentioned that I had a “surprise” lurking off in the distance – well this week I received clearance from the boss (superwife Dawn) that it was o.k. to share with all of our Run for Dom friends that we will be expecting our first child in September.

Kayla .... not too sure about this "kid thing"

At 42 years old I thought it was wise to get this first one out of the way early while I was still young — but seriously, my wife and I could not be happier as this is something we had been hoping for for quite some time.  I have a lot to learn in a short period of time – so if anyone out there has a 28-week training schedule that I can put on my refrigerator I would be eternally grateful! 

I apologize for being a little cryptic about my race plans after the summer for those of you who were asking – now you know why.  But I must say that the thought of getting back to Hopkinton for the 139th running of the Boston Marathon in 2035 with my son or daughter is a pretty cool prospect.  The best part is I will only have to run a 4:15:00 time to qualify! 

Elite Marathoner 2035