Run for Dom Invades Canada!

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Training
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Sunrise on flight out of Austin Monday

All right – maybe “invades” is a little bit of a stretch. 

Basically my traveling partner and I just traveled through a border crossing in our rented Jeep Cherokee leaving the US into Canada on Wednesday.  After a brief “interrogation” as to our intentions we were on our way.  But I have to say  it was pretty cool to get a chance to train in another country for Run for Dom. 

I’ve had the opportunity to train in quite a few interesting locations since this two marathon in 13 days quest began.  We’ve trained in 21 cities in 11 different states and now both the US and Canada.  For those of you who travel for work from time to time I’m sure you can imagine dragging along your running clothes can make packing for a trip pretty challenging.  But for me it is well worth it as the change in training locations does break up the monotony of covering your local running routes time and time again. 

This week was particularly challenging for this Texan as there would not be any runs in just shorts and a light weight singlet.  Temperatures in Buffalo, NY for my Tuesday (5-miles) and Wednesday (8-miles) training runs would hover right at 30 degrees.  Brrrr.  

Thursday morning I was much more fortunate as the London, Ontario temperature was 8 degrees Celsius.  (46.5 degrees~ for you Americans) – which meant I could ditch the tights and heavy gloves for shorts, a long-sleeve running shirt and light gloves for my 10~ Kilometer workout – (6 miles). 

Final packing totals this week:  2 pairs of running shoes, 3 pairs of tights, 3 pairs of runderwear, 3 pairs of socks, 3 Under Armour Cold Gear mock turtlenecks, 1 Running Jacket, 1 heavyweight turtle neck technical shirt, 1 long-sleeved technical shirt, one pair of knee-length tights, 2 pairs of running gloves, 1 arctic beanie and 1 skull cap.  Man, that is a lot of gear to haul over 3,000 miles round trip. 

The payoff was I found some really cool terrain to cover.  I stumbled upon a bike-path in Buffalo, NY just off of the UB campus that allowed me to run along a river for close to 6 of my 8 miles.  It was beautifully scenic, I traversed several foot bridges saw half a dozen rabbits and four groundhogs – which was pretty cool. 

Thames River Trail - London, Ont

On Canadian soil I ran the Thames River Trail and wrapped up my just under 10 Kilometers in 42:54 or 7:09 pace.  Legs were a little tired this morning on my third straight run day still recovering from Sunday’s final 20-mile long run – but I was really happy with my pace and times this week.  We are officially in the pre-race taper and next week should be the week when I really feel my legs starting to rebound and my everyday aches and pains start to move out before race day. 

The only thing I did not get a chance to see Thursday morning that I was hoping to encounter on my run were the Canadian Black Squirrels that I heard populate so many of the parks around London.  I tried as best I could to keep my eye out for those critters, but the early morning pre-dawn run made spotting a black squirrel a little challenging.  I started to believe that perhaps they were a myth. 

London Ontario - Black Squirrel

As we were making our way out of town however, I did in fact see a bunch of black squirrels in Victoria Park.  Not something you see every day down in Austin.  One was even kind enough to pose for a quick picture.

Armadillos we have.  I’ve come across hundreds of deer, quite a few foxes and even a beaver on my early morning runs in Austin.  Black squirrels – not so much.  That was a treat. 

So thank you London for the great hospitality.  It was great getting to know another city and take in the local culture.  I must say however that I am very much looking forward to hitting that familiar crushed granite trail back in Austin.  Just 8 training runs remain before leaving for Boston two weeks from Friday.  Race day is fast approaching – Go Dom!

Now if I just knew what to do with all these coins in  my pocket.

  1. coachkati says:

    I’d keep them in your pocket in case those squirrels start chasing next time!

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