It’s Race Week! …. Boston Marathon in 7 Days

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Motivation, Pace and Racing
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It’s race week.  Seven days from now, with number 7929 pinned to my race singlet, RFD will be participating in the 114th running of the Boston Marathon.  All of the nerves that I was experiencing last week, wondering about my training and whether I prepared well enough to race Boston have been replaced this morning with excitement.

Final Tune-Up for Boston

Sunday’s training run, my final “long run” of my training period called for 8-miles at race pace.  As I put on my race shoes for the first time for their inaugural run, I had every intention of working on my race pace and running an easy final long run.  I even managed to keep my excitement in check over the first two miles turning in times of 7:33 and 7:26. 

Heading uphill into mile three however all hell broke loose.  I just felt too darn strong, too good to hold back my pace and ended up posting times over my final six miles of 6:59, 6:57, 7:11, 7:03, 6:52 and 6:55. 

Overall pace for my final Sunday long run – 7:07.  Pretty strong considering my first two miles.

The best part of the run was how strong I felt closing over the final two miles and how much bounce my legs had all day long on Sunday.  The taper is working – our little bumps and bruises, aches and pains from a tough four months of training are moving out and we will be toeing the line in Hopkinton, MA a week from today 100% ready to rock.  If you would have told me this is where I would have ended up nursing my way back from shin splint issues on December 28th, I don’t think I would have believed you. 

But the mind and body make amazing partners at times.  Right now with Dom struggling through his latest bout with surgery it is time to get on with it and run a strong race at Boston – honoring our commitment and those 27 mile sponsors in the process.

There is another reason for my excitement today however and that is the fact that this morning we will be finding out if Superwife Dawn and I will be welcoming a little girl marathoner or little boy marathoner in September.  Being our first little one all of this is very new to me.  I’m the first one to admit that I don’t have a single clue about what I am getting myself into.  I’m smart enough to know that.

One thing that has really hit home for me is that all of my friends who told me while they were waiting to find out about the sex of their baby who said, “I really don’t care either way” – actually might have been telling the truth.  I was convinced that comment was just a way for an expecting Mom or Dad to cover their disappointment if they were really hoping for a daughter or son and it didn’t work out for them.

But truthfully and amazingly – I honestly don’t have a preference.  Some days I find myself thinking about how great it would be to teach a son how to throw a baseball, ride a bike or shave for the first time.  But immediately I catch myself wondering what it would be like to scare my daughter’s first date into bringing her home early or walking her down the aisle.  I mean how do you top something like that?

Just when I was thinking about what Dawn and I are looking forward to on Monday morning couldn’t get much cooler – I took a peek at a daily calendar that my wife has left out for us to look at each morning.  It tracks day by day development of our child and talks about how much they now weigh or what part of the body is developing.  This was the passage for Sunday:

19 Weeks, 3 Days Development

That’s when it hit me …. “some day my son or daughter will be able to run!”

Whether it is a boy or a girl – you bet your ass they will.

  1. connie says:

    Thanks again for making me shed a happy tear this morning.
    Good luck

    • joerunfordom says:

      Connie – thanks so much for visiting and for the note this morning – you are the best! We are ready to rock Boston a week from today. So excited about the little girl on the way! Take good care, J

  2. onelittlejill says:

    Oh I cannot wait to hear what you are having!!! Please share! Any names picked out yet? And don’t worry, you are going to be a GREAT Dad…I can tell just by the kind of friend you are.

    PS- Like I said, I have a really good feeling about number 7929!

  3. chris bean says:

    Great stuff here, Joe! Glad you’re feeling great physically & mentally. But the Boston experience will pale in comparison to the birth of a child. 😉
    Major congrats!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Chris – thanks for the visit and the comment! I’m going to drink it all in next week in Boston for sure, but I think you are right – being a first time Dad is something that I don’t think I will truly appreciate fully until I see that little one …. Dawn and I are very excited about meeting her in September. Best, Joe

  4. Kristen says:

    Great post! Finding out the sex is so exciting and the Baby Passage is perfect. Congrats!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Kristen – thanks so much! Everything about this experience has been so cool – today was even more so. Looks like we have quite an “active” little girl right now …. hope she calms down a little by September! Take good care, J

  5. Alett says:

    Really enjoyed this one too.

  6. Vern Myers says:

    Joe, that’s so cool to see that message on the daily calendar for your new baby on this very week that leads to Boston! Congrats on the girl!

    That’s great that your running is so strong! This is a tribute both to Hal Higdon’s genius, devising such excellent training programs, and also to your dedication to your sport and your training!

    I’m so totally sold on Hal’s program! I officially started taper today, but culminated the tough part of Hal’s program yesterday with the most incrediblly strong 21-mile run that I could have imagined!

    Good luck in Boston! I know you’ll rock it, Joe!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Vern – Thanks for the note and the visit! I am so happy for you Vern as you really rocked that training plan of yours. Very cool that we’ll be racing on the same day – depending on what happens at Boston you very well might take me down Vern!

      Enjoy the taper and really pay attention to nutrition and hydration those last few days before the race – it makes a world of difference.

      Take care Vern!

  7. joerunfordom says:

    Thanks for all of the visits and kind words this morning guys – has been a very exciting and incredible morning.

    The verdict is in ….. Baby Girl Marathoner on the way September 2nd!

  8. connie says:


  9. Audrey says:

    congrats on your future marathoner joe! that baby passage is so perfect for this week! you are going to have a great race at boston…1 week to go!!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Audrey – thanks for the visit! How appropriate for that page to flip on our calendar! Definitely a sign for a little cross-country runner to be on the way. We are blessed!

  10. onelittlejill says:

    Yeah for a baby girl!!!!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Jill – thanks for the notes today! We are very pumped about our little girl marathoner on the way! Going to be a lot of great things to think about during the race next week. Take care, J

  11. Danica says:

    And now I know your having a girl! 🙂 How exciting joe! So many great things happening for you this week! congrats and have a good taper week!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Danica – thanks so much for the visit and encouragement! I am definitely going to need some help with this little girl on the way! Expect me to lean on you heavily! Will be thinking of you out in Boston this week! Will try hard to make you proud! Best, J

  12. Barb says:

    Today’s blog brought a tear to my eyes….tears of joy over the excitement that’s about to come to you and Dawn as you await the arrival of your Baby Girl. I know you two will be the best parents a daughter could have!!

    I have to laugh when you question yourself if you prepared well enough for this race. I have to tell you, you have got to be the most dedicated, focused and determined person I’ve ever met. I have 100% confidence you are more than prepared for this race. You may not finish first, Joe, but you’ve definitely finished first in your friend, Dom’s, eyes.

    Wishing you the best in the Boston Marathon!!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Barb – so great to hear from you – I hope your hand is healing well – that looked like a scary injury! Hope you get a chance to catch up with Dawn this week while she is traveling – I know she misses you guys a lot.

      Thanks again for the kind words and the visit! I plan on making a little noise next week at Boston. Take care, Joe

  13. Dennis says:

    Congrats on the news of your impending new additional. You will find fatherhood an amazing experience!

    Good luck this weekend! I signed up for the ATT text alerts to follow your progress.

    • joerunfordom says:

      Dennis – thanks so much for the visit and the support! We are very excited about the little one on the way. Thanks for keeping track and rooting along on Monday! Hoping to have that thing all locked up between 1:18 and 1:30 p.m. or so based on an on-time start! Take care Dennis!

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