Boston Marathon Expo ….Wicked Fast Runnah

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Training
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Just a quick update everyone from a cold, rainy Boston, MA. Superwife Dawn and I made our way over to the Boston Marathon Expo to pick up our bib number and race bag this morning. I’ve been to quite a few race expos over the last few years – but I have to say I’ve never seen anything like here in Boston.

It is BIG and full of all kinds of great stuff.

The first stop when entering the Hynes Convention center is to the bib pick-up area. In the past I’ve simply informed the volunteer of my name or bib number and they have just handed over “the goods”. Not the case here in Boston where you have to present your official registration card that was mailed over a month ago to Boston Qualifiers – along with your photo ID before you receive your bib, timing chip, safety pins and race day instructions.

After picking up your bib you are then sent down the hall to the race-bag & technical shirt Pick-up area. Once again, they have it going on here at Boston with male and female runner areas further separated by shirt size. The race bag doubles as your “race-day bag” that can be checked onto buses on the walk to the starting line on Monday morning, then returned to runners at the finish.

Once again, great organization as the Boston Athletic Organization furnishes each runner with a HUGE sticker that marks your race bag by bib number for easy retrieval post race. I guess if you have done something 114 years in a row, you figure out a few things along the way.

There is something about receiving your bib that makes competing in a marathon “real” and it was a pretty neat experience to see that 7929 – Joseph Marruchella, Austin, TX this morning. All of a sudden it really hit home that we’re actually running the Boston Marathon on Monday. Me. Boston. Unbelievable.

Boston Marathon Bib

Then it was on to the expo for exhibits, samples and of course some quality shopping. Dawn and I were even able to find some gear and a furry companion for our little lady on the way this September.

For our 2040 Boston Qualifier

I did of course pick up the obligatory Boston Marathon Race Jacket and a few other odds and ends – but the best score of the day was the Wicked Fast Runnah Shirt pictured below. Only at Boston.

Wicked Fast Runnah

So that’s it from Marathon Saturday everyone! For all the runners out there, have a great rest of the weekend and a strong race on Monday. Please stop back on race day as I’ll have another post up with some pre-race information.

We’re going to run Wicked Fast on Monday!

  1. Barb says:

    Great blog today….and LOVED the wicked kewl t-shirt. It’s so Baaahston!

    Hey, you’re number 7929, right? You typed 7979 up above in your blog. Just making sure for tracking purposes!

    It’s cold and windy here…sun in and out, about 55. At least it’s not raining though.

    Have fun gang!!

  2. tbrush3 says:

    Tear it up Joe in Beantown Joe! I hope you have a great time this weekend. Already sounds like you are. Take Care, Trey

  3. nyflygirl says:

    Good luck Monday-do it for yourself and for Dom 🙂

    (and how friggin cute is that bear in the Boston hoodie?)

  4. David H. says:

    Thanks for posting this so those of us who aren’t there (or may never be able to make it there) can get a feeling of what it’s like. Have fun out there.

    • joerunfordom says:

      David – thanks for the visit and all the support this year leading up to race day(s) over the next two weekends. If it is a goal of yours you will get here – if I can do it anybody can.

      Take good care,


  5. Robert Ranzer says:

    Alright Joe! Monday dude! This is it!

    • joerunfordom says:

      Bob – as one of my oldest friends that come and visit – thanks so much for the support – not too many remember the psuedo cool kid from 6th grade at Penn Wynne!

      Take care my man – will catch up with you post race – I’m looking forward to running that mile for you!



  6. Autumn Collins says:

    Just wanted to know where I can get the t-shirt that says “wicked fast runnah”? I never got back to the expo and I live in New York.

  7. Candace says: has wicked fast runnah shirts and cool “Boston Runnah” shirts, too–they’re made of bamboo and organic cotton. I was going to buy one but I didn’t want white, and then they reprinted them on black, but that’s not good for a Texas summer! ha ha! Good luck!

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