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On November 10th a little WordPress blog was launched.  

As I penned the very first entry on Joe Runs for Dom I hoped more than anything that it would not be just another “runner blog”.  

I was hoping that somehow I would find an audience that would be interested enough to stop by from time to time and read about my good friend Dom and his truly courageous battle to defeat cancer. 

I hoped that through the blog they would get a chance to learn about Dom, about how much we all care about him and love him.

I have come to realize that among the many horrors in battling cancer is the feeling of helplessness. 

It is something that makes you feel like it is happening to you or to someone that you love. 

It is tough to feel proactive, tough to feel like you are taking the fight to the disease, not the other way around.  So as Run for Dom went from the crazy idea of running two marathons in 13 days to honor Dom, to the actual pursuit of said craziness, it was time to spread the word. 

This little WordPress Blog had found it’s voice.

At the start I had also hoped that the readers would find out a little about me, and that I in turn would find out some things about myself.

Never in a million years did I think that we would have more than 21,250 visits to the blog, raise more than $27,000 for Dom and his family and received more than 1,000 comments to our 130 posts.

It really has been an amazing 8 months.

For me the personal side of things has been pretty amazing as well as Dawn and I are now only ~6 weeks away from the arrival of our first child Landry.  I have run over 950miles, biked another 500, finished a couple of marathons, a half-marathon, a mile race, completed four 5K’s and claimed an overall victory in our first 10K race last week. 

That is an action packed 32 weeks for sure.

But Tuesday, I got a great surprise as my friend Jill who writes a terrific blog – Finishing is Winning was kind enough to bestow upon me (along with a few other great writers) the Blog of Substance Award.

You can visit Jill’s blog here:

The Rules:

1.     Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
2.     Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words.
3.     Pass it on to other blogs which you feel have real substance.

So, first of all, thank you so very much Jill.  You do tremendous work on your blog and always write from the heart.  Having you cite Run for Dom as a blog that you feel has real substance is an amazing honor. 

You are the greatest.

As far as my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience – I have always tried to stay true to the things Dom has taught me throughout the last 12 months as he has battled cancer with everything he has.

Honesty, Selflessness and Live Courageously!

Just as Jill struggled to only site a single blog that she feels demonstrates real substance – I have a hard time picking just one as well.  There is not a single blog in my blogroll that has not touched me in some way over the past year or who has not in my view given far more than they have taken in sharing their views. 

I admire each author of their blogs for different reasons, but they all have a common characteristic and that is truth and honesty in their writing – whether it is Runnrgrrl “telling it exactly how it is” or Richard at IIAGDTR sharing his courageous transition to becoming an amputee runner.

But as I continue to try to prepare to not be such a “softee” when it comes to my baby daughter asking me for the world and me trying to give it to her …. I will toughen up and make a stand.

To Danica at Chic Runner – I have to pass this award on to you.

From the earliest days of Run for Dom you have been a tremendous supporter, written some of the most poignant and inspirational posts and shared with me and your readers your tremendous life story.

Whenever I need a smile or a laugh I head to Chic Runner, just as I do when I need to focus and realize what things in life are truly important.  To me, that says it all – thank you for all that you do.

You can read Danica’s incredible blog at:

I would also like to thank those of you who frequently visit Run for Dom and who take the time to encourage me, ask questions, inquire about Dom.  Your visits and messages continue to motivate me on a daily basis.  I read every one of your comments and take them to heart – you are the best, thank you!