“Dadathoner” …. Welcome Landry Grace

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Motivation
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You know how you look forward to an event for a long time?  Weeks and months leading up to a moment that you know will change your life forever. 

You think that you are ready for it, as you hear others talk about how it will change you. 

Your first kiss, your wedding day, even the first time you come through the chute after 26.2 miles is pretty remarkable.  These are life affirming moments.  Ones that years later you can return to anytime that you want just by closing your eyes and reminiscing.  Those are the moments that make life so wonderful.  Such a gift. 

Well yesterday was one of those days for me.  But to compare it to those other types of “momentous” occasions really fails to do it justice. 

At 9:51 a.m. Sunday morning, our little angel Landry Grace came into our lives, and after seeing her for just the briefest of moments, I knew that my life would never be the same.  Dawn and I were blessed with the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen.

Hello World!

 All I can do is stare at her and wonder how I could love anything so much. 

Born exactly two weeks from Dom’s passing – he certainly was smiling down on the three of us yesterday as the events of the day could not have gone more smoothly. 

At 5:00 a.m. my wife woke me to tell me to go for my run now, as she was starting to feel a little funny, but “nothing to worry about yet”

I told her that I would cut my run short, down to 8 miles which I could cover in an hour, and pass by the house at mile 2.  If something was happening, she was to open up the garage doors.  If they were closed I would finish the final 6.25 miles in about 43 minutes.  (You guys didn’t really think Landry would be born on a rest day did you?) 

As I left the house and headed up the hill I wondered if today would be the day when I would actually become a Dad.  Dawn had visited her Doctor on Friday morning and she was told that nothing was happening yet.  The baby’s due date was Thursday, September 2nd and we were preparing ourselves for another 4-5 days of anxious waiting. 

Saturday morning we ran the NOCC Balance 5K and Dawn and I spent the afternoon shopping.  Momma bear was feeling fine at bedtime, could this really be happening today I thought?  As I got back to the house after my run, I quickly showered, packed the car and got our Dog Kayla to the corner and back.  She loves her morning walks, but this would have to be a quick one.  Times were changing already for Kayla.  Just wait until she sees what we bring home tomorrow. 

We made our way to the nurses station at 8:00 a.m., Dawn’s contractions had just moved into the 5 minutes apart stage.  With the Hospital less than 10 minutes from home, we thought we had plenty of time being our first child. 

1 hour and 51 minutes later, about the length of time of my 14-mile run last Sunday – Landry was taking her very first breaths.  I can’t describe the feeling as I have never felt anything like it.  Dawn was truly incredible throughout the process.  Man, if you think us marathoners are tough – all you have to do is spend 5 minutes in a delivery room and tough is redefined for all-time.  I have never been so proud of her.  Truly amazing. 

Dawn and Landry

As I write this morning, Landry is napping in an outfit her Aunt Wendy from Denver sent along – she is bundled up tight, loving her new life.  Born 6 lbs. 2 ounces – I couldn’t help but think we had ourselves a little 10K baby (6.2).  I have a feeling that when we toe the line in October at the IBM Uptown Classic 10K – that sub-40:00 minute goal time of mine is in the bag. 

Not only will I have Dom in my corner as my race day “secret weapon”, I will have little miss Landry there, possibly at her very first race rooting for me.  I know it will be hard to not let her down over the course of our lives together.  But I’m pretty certain that I can at least make it as far as October. 

Welcome Landry Grace – I promise to be the very best new Daddy I can.  I couldn’t love you more. 

New Dad and Landry

  1. tbrush3 says:

    There is no question in my mind why women make great endurance athletes! Unreal. There is no greater feeling Joe! Enjoy the journey.

    By the way just a little nudge for you. That sub 40, I think you might be looking a faster time than that with the work you have been putting in. I have a number in my head and I will write it down and after you hit it in the 10k I will let you know I knew it all along! Congrats New Dad!

  2. Jodi Higgins says:

    Congratulations Joe and Dawn! She is adorable! Way to go Dawn! Yes, women are certainly tough cookies especially when it comes to protecting our children!! You couldn’t look more proud in that last picture holding your little princess!! It will be an amazing journey, trying at times, and filled with joy at others….enjoy the ride! Welcome to the world Little Miss Landry!!

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pete Macdonald, Joe Marruchella. Joe Marruchella said: Hi Guys! Blog update today “Dadathoner” …. Welcome Landry Grace: http://t.co/NxNZQzV Baby is here! […]

  4. Way to go Super Wife! Congratulations new Dad! I can’t wait to see those little paws holding your next finisher’s medal!

  5. Sarah G says:

    Congratulations!!! She’s beautiful!

  6. Kristen says:

    CONGRATS to you and your wife! She is ADORABLE!!!!! She will be running before you know it!

  7. Casey Conner says:

    Congratulations! Welcome to a whole new adventure!

  8. onelittlejill says:

    I was looking so forward to this post and I love it! What a perfect photo of you with her- true JOY you have in your face. And Dawn looks awesome 🙂

    Welcome to the world little 10K- you have a great Daddy, a beautiful angel Dom and a good friend from where the sun rises in the East 🙂

  9. Leslie says:

    Congrats to all Joe, I just know that you’re going to be a wonderful dad.

  10. Barb Miller says:

    I was so waiting for this blog as I knew it would be a good one…and you didn’t disappoint. As always, it brought a tear and a warmth to my heart. So happy for you guys…she is beautiful!!

    Keep the pictures coming!!


  11. David H. says:

    Congrats! In the past nearly two years since I’ve become a father, my runs and races have become even more meaningful since I feel like I’m doing something for him. It’s also a huge sense of accomplishment to train for a big race – I did a half marathon a little more than 4 months after he was born. You life is going to change and people will tell you how you “can’t” do certain things in that first year, but it’s awesome to prove people wrong. For now, though, enjoy these moments while they last. They fly by!

  12. Robert Ranzer says:

    JOE! WOW! Congrats to you and Dawn! I have no kids of my own and don’t know what kind of dad I’d be but you will be an awesome dad. So cool Joe! Congrats again!

  13. Elizabeth S says:

    Congrats to you both. 🙂

  14. Ariana says:

    Congratulations to you and your family Joe! She is absolutely perfect! I can’t wait to read about her first trip in the running stroller! 🙂
    What a blessing!

  15. Steve B says:

    I can’t be happier for you and Dawn on the birth of Landry. Becoming a father and being a dad is the greatest thing you will ever do. Nothing compares and every day it gets better …only challenging at times ;-). If you don’t believe in God before watching your kid come into this world then you certainly should after seeing the miracle of childbirth. IAnd it is about time you realize that Dawn and all mothers are 50 times stronger and more capable than the best man around. Be well my friend and enjoy the journey.

  16. nyflygirl says:

    Congrats Joe!! That picture of you and Landry is just too adorable!

  17. ah,i LOVE this post,very well written and is SO true!!!!
    you have a beautiful family,and i know you will be an aweosme father!
    im sure youve already got the running stroller polished and ready to rumble once little landry is ready!!!

    congratulations to you and danwon her 10k baby!!!

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