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To help celebrate our birthday at Run for Dom this week, I thought that it would be appropriate for me to give back a little something to all of you who visit the blog on a regular basis. 

I wanted to thank all of you who have supported our journey in honoring Dom and his battle with cancer, providing me with the gift of motivation, inspiration and support as I try to make even the smallest of differences in the lives of Val, Sierra and Nico.  Helping ensure that Dom and Val’s children will have the opportunity to pursue an education just as their Mom and Dad had always hoped and planned for them.

I wanted to have a giveaway that captured in some way the spirit of what Run for Dom is all about.  I wanted it to be “real”, I wanted it to be “Austin” and I wanted it to be something that would “go places”.

I wanted to give something that the recipient would be able to make theirs and take with them on journeys, much like I am able to take Dom along with me anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the great folks at Overton Enterprises, LLC – I am able to have a great, great giveaway today of one of their SPIbelts™.   

The SPIbelt™, an Austin original, is a tremendous product for runners and non-runners alike.  SPIbelt™ the original Small Personal Item Belt – was the creation of Kim Overton, who while out on a run one fall day with her house key tucked in her sports top thought “There has to be a better way!”.

That story resonated with me as a runner who shortly after learning about the serious nature of Dom’s illness had the idea of Run for Dom pop into my head on a training run along Brushy Creek Trail here in Austin.

Almost four years later and the SPIbelt™ is seen at just about any race expo, race course and even running trail that I frequent throughout the year.

The SPIbelt™ is sleek, expandable and can hold any iPod, Blackberry, Cell phone, car keys, Gu packs, Gels, Road ID or whatever items you need to take with you on your runs, rides or walks. 

It has a heavy-duty adjustable strap, fits snugly around any waist and best of all does not “bounce” as you get those legs churning.  It’s pretty much ingenious to tell you the truth.  The SPIbelt™ has evolved quite a bit since Kim sewed the first hundred or so by hand and now even comes in all kinds of designer colors.

Everyone knows that it’s all about looking good out there.

So, what do you have to do to win?  Pretty easy:

Just enter a comment into the comments area below, and tell me what post on Run for Dom this year was your favorite.

The “Archives” can be visited by scrolling down a bit on the right had side of the toolbar just under the Calendar.

On Wednesday (November 17th) I will use a random numeric generator to pick the winner and post their favorite story on the blog.

You will be able to visit the SPIBelt™ website (here) to pick out your favorite SPIbelt™ to be shipped directly to you.

Thank you for playing along and many thanks to our friends here in Austin at SPIbelt™ – you guys are the greatest!

Good luck everyone and thanks for a great year at Run for Dom!