SPIbelt™ Giveaway on Joe Runs for Dom!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Product Review
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To help celebrate our birthday at Run for Dom this week, I thought that it would be appropriate for me to give back a little something to all of you who visit the blog on a regular basis. 

I wanted to thank all of you who have supported our journey in honoring Dom and his battle with cancer, providing me with the gift of motivation, inspiration and support as I try to make even the smallest of differences in the lives of Val, Sierra and Nico.  Helping ensure that Dom and Val’s children will have the opportunity to pursue an education just as their Mom and Dad had always hoped and planned for them.

I wanted to have a giveaway that captured in some way the spirit of what Run for Dom is all about.  I wanted it to be “real”, I wanted it to be “Austin” and I wanted it to be something that would “go places”.

I wanted to give something that the recipient would be able to make theirs and take with them on journeys, much like I am able to take Dom along with me anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the great folks at Overton Enterprises, LLC – I am able to have a great, great giveaway today of one of their SPIbelts™.   

The SPIbelt™, an Austin original, is a tremendous product for runners and non-runners alike.  SPIbelt™ the original Small Personal Item Belt – was the creation of Kim Overton, who while out on a run one fall day with her house key tucked in her sports top thought “There has to be a better way!”.

That story resonated with me as a runner who shortly after learning about the serious nature of Dom’s illness had the idea of Run for Dom pop into my head on a training run along Brushy Creek Trail here in Austin.

Almost four years later and the SPIbelt™ is seen at just about any race expo, race course and even running trail that I frequent throughout the year.

The SPIbelt™ is sleek, expandable and can hold any iPod, Blackberry, Cell phone, car keys, Gu packs, Gels, Road ID or whatever items you need to take with you on your runs, rides or walks. 

It has a heavy-duty adjustable strap, fits snugly around any waist and best of all does not “bounce” as you get those legs churning.  It’s pretty much ingenious to tell you the truth.  The SPIbelt™ has evolved quite a bit since Kim sewed the first hundred or so by hand and now even comes in all kinds of designer colors.

Everyone knows that it’s all about looking good out there.

So, what do you have to do to win?  Pretty easy:

Just enter a comment into the comments area below, and tell me what post on Run for Dom this year was your favorite.

The “Archives” can be visited by scrolling down a bit on the right had side of the toolbar just under the Calendar.

On Wednesday (November 17th) I will use a random numeric generator to pick the winner and post their favorite story on the blog.

You will be able to visit the SPIBelt™ website (here) to pick out your favorite SPIbelt™ to be shipped directly to you.

Thank you for playing along and many thanks to our friends here in Austin at SPIbelt™ – you guys are the greatest!

Good luck everyone and thanks for a great year at Run for Dom!

  1. Jodi Higgins says:

    My absolute favorite post is your 2010 Pittsburgh Race Report. I felt as if I was running every step of the way with you. Your attention to detail in explaining your experience was amazing and I loved that all that mattered to you that day was getting to the finish line to give Dom that finishers medal because on that 2nd day of May, Dom was the hero and you reminded him and everyone else of that with your heart and determination during that 26.2 miles. It was even more special to me because when I saw your picture of the Run for Dom crew cheering you on it brought back my favorite memory of seeing the Run For Dom supporters at one point during when I was dealing with stomach cramps. It made me smile and realize I have nothing to complain about because Dom is in the fight of his life. I gave them a smile, pointed in their direction and said: “Run For Dom, Yeah!” It gave me what I needed to get to that finish line.

  2. Laurel says:

    Definitely your Boston Marathon race report. I think every runner dreams of running it so it’s always an inspiration to read about other runners and their experience….

  3. Nancy Cook says:

    Since I started following you around Boston Marathon time — Boston is truly my favorite story. I commend you for dedicating your running to Dom and to fight cancer. It really means so much and the passion you have for running shines through in all your stories.


  4. Sean Shaikun says:

    My favorite wasn’t really run related. I like the list of things you may not know about Joe. I think one thing that a lot o people struggle with is the fact that they don’t actually know themselves. I find that the people that do are the most interesting… at least to me.

  5. Ernesto says:

    Love the Boston Marathon race report – it was wonderful to relive the Boston course through your experience!

  6. Carol Bischoff says:

    I have to choose ONE? Well that’s hard! I guess for now, since Boston is on my mind I choose that report. You have a gift when it comes to writing! I’m right there with you!

  7. Joe, I’m going to go with the IBM Uptown Classic Race Report. I love seeing when a training plan comes to fruition and a goal that once seemed unattainable becomes mere child’s play – always a good reminder of the payoff at the end of the hard work.

  8. di says:

    The Last 36 Hours – looking back and moving forward into the future Running for Dom…

  9. My favorite is “A letter to 26.2”. Having completed 4 marathons I could TOTALLY relate to that post and laughed all the way through it.
    Run Happy!

  10. Steve Poling says:

    Hey Joe! It’s Steve P. from DM. I loved your post about Boston. Cool product – thx for telling us about it.

  11. Sarah says:

    Hi Joe – I haven’t been reading that long, but I have appreciated how much your heart shines through in the posts that I’ve read. I could really relate to your post “Dear Asics – Silver & Black”… amazing how attached we can become to certain pairs of running shoes!

  12. Stu A says:

    Hi Joe,
    I have 2 favorites: the first is the one where you provided the advice on hill training with the most memorable advice being to run through the crest of the hill on the way up instead of slowing down as you approach the hilltop. The second is the spaghetti gravy (vs. sauce) blog post of which your Mom’s recipe seems great.

    Peace Brother!


  13. Pick one!?!?!

    All your posts have been moving and well-written and they have inspired and motivated me more than I can put into words.

    I remember when I first started reading your blog. I was going through some archives and came across “Junk miles, junk food, junk bonds” and I asked a question about running after a race (I had just PR’d a 10K that weekend and ran my first half a few weeks before)…at the time I hardly expected you to respond. Now that I’ve read many more blogs and started my own, I know that with the large following you have, I would expect an answer even less. However, you responded immediately! That was my first insight into the kinda guy Joe M is. My PR on that 10K was nothing near what you did at the IBM Uptown Classic. My stuggles with 13.1 are nothing compared to running two fulls in two weeks. But you have never hesitated to encourage me and give me advice and have never made me feel like I’m less of a runner because I’m not where you are (yet!). So of all the posts of yours, that’s my favorite!

  14. Brian Cass says:

    Having an opportunity to follow both Dom and your journeys through the blogosphere has been great. Being new to running this year there are also so, so many things I have learned being a regular reader. When I dawn my Arctic Beanie or Mobin sleeves or work in my Yurbuds I have the blog to thank. There are just too many great posts to choose from, so I’ll just be selfish and say my favorite post was the one about ME! It’s not every day I get to be featured on someones blog!

  15. Zach says:

    Yeah, I agree with the others. The Boston race report rocked. Good on ya!

  16. Nicholas G says:

    I really enjoy your race reports. Your writing shows you race not just with legs and lungs, but also heart and soul. My favorite post on your blog is “300 Miles …. Parting with old friends.” As runners we go through many pairs of shoes, but each pair has a unique story to tell. Routes change. Goals change. People change. The pair of Asics you recently retired tell a story of triumph and heartbreak, and I thought your post did a great job of summarizing your journey during a difficult time.

  17. Well, I just stumbled upon your blog today so, so far this is my favourite post! But after this comment I’m going to check out some oldies.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. onelittlejill says:

    Wow- picking is a challenge! You are one of the few blogs that I can honestly say I have read EVERY SINGLE POST since I found, and even past ones that I went back and read. My choices are probably surprising, and maybe unconventional. My pick isn’t about running. It is one about life. And Dom. And Landry.

    My favorite is Dad-a-Thoner” on August 30th. You NEEDED Landry in your life this year. In a year that was so high up at times and so low down at time…a year that handed you not one, but two crushing blows, you have Landry. And seriously, I know she makes everything ok 🙂

  19. Drew says:

    I really enjoy reading your race reports, but my favorite post has to be “Tempo Runs ….. Stronger Than Ever.” You published it at a time I was coincidentally questioning the benefits of the Higdon tempo method. Your explanation of how you approached tempos made much more sense to me, and ever since then I’ve been following your lead. So, thanks Joe for sharing your knowledge and making a difference in my training!

  20. Randy says:

    I’m fairly new to your blog, so my favorite report has to be your anniversary report where you recapped the whole year and the reasons why you started Run For Dom. Truly inspiring.
    But my favorite story has to be meeting you at Boston when Winston and me just happened to be getting on the same bus to Hopkinton as you were. Out of all those thousands of people, who would have imagined we would meet you that way.

  21. Jim in Maine says:

    Like others, I will say it is hard to pick one – and it has taken me a while as I have gone back and re-read many of the posts I had previously read. When it all said and done I have learned a ton about running, about you and about your influences through the the fine posts you have shared with us. My favorite two end up being more about life and less about running;. The runner-up for me is https://joerunfordom.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/dadathoner-welcome-landry-grace/ and the overall winner is https://joerunfordom.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/running-through-sprinklers/. These two paragraphs are powerful:

    “Life” is the goal we should all be chasing. A full, rewarding life, where we make sure to cherish the good times and no matter how hard we find ourselves chasing goals, celebrate all of the small victories along the way and stay focused on the things that are most important.

    Family and friendships. Honoring commitments and trying to be the best you can be every day. But most of all, to celebrate the gift of life. I have Dom to thank for teaching me that one.

    Take care my friend – and, as always Joe, thanks for everything. Our best to Dawn and Landry.

    Jim (and Patti)

  22. Rhonda Fullerton says:

    Joe, so hard to pick just one. Your journey in running has motivated me in my running and in my life. Your passion for Dom,Dawn, Landry, running, resonates through every post. Even your passion for your shoes, made me laugh. I hope someday our paths cross, us WSWs in Wichita would love for you to visit!

  23. Kimberly Wylie says:

    Joe, your blog is such an inspiration. As with many, it’s hard for me to pick my favorite, but the one that sticks out is your fairly recent post regarding your announcement that you were doing the Austin Distance Challenge and some seriously positive peer pressure. And, that’s what your blog is – it’s positive peer pressure to not only get out there and achieve our goals, but also to do something for others. For that, I thank you. Whenever I need that positive peer pressure, all I have to do is read your blog and there you are!

  24. Lori Rasmussen says:

    Joe, I am hard pressed to pick one post that I liked the best. I think I will vote for the Last 36 Hours… post. It really touched me. You are a true and loyal friend. Dom and his family are blessed to have you in their corner. I look forward to following your continued journey to run for Dom.

  25. Ashley K. says:

    My favorite post was your Boston race report. I also love the photos you post of Landry on Daily Mile. The photo/caption combos are just precious. Keep up the good work!


  26. Mallory says:

    My favorite post was the one on Sept 26 when you have the picture of you holding your baby in your Gamecocks outfit. I thought it was so cute seeing a pic of the little one supporting football. And I liked your review of the new Nano and how easy it is to use with running. I honestly just ran across your blog and I plan to go back and read all the entries. It seems like you have a good mixture of running and real life… and that’s what I like in a blog!! Keep it up!

  27. Cory says:

    Joe, I really enjoy your blog. I like your writing style and your running insights. Around the time I discovered your blog I came upon “My Refrigerator has Magic Powers”


    I really like what your filled-in training plan represents. And the fact it’s posted for all to see.

  28. Cory says:

    Joe, I really enjoy your blog. I like your writing style and your running insights. Around the time I discovered your blog I came upon “My Refrigerator has Magic Powers”


    I really like what your filled-in training plan represents. And the fact it’s posted for all to see.

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