Cross Training with Landry ….

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Training
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This week marks the 1/3 point of my ramp up to the Austin Marathon. 

Training is increasing in intensity and will continue to do so over the next 8 weeks until we reach the marathon taper. 

The taper is the three week period leading up to race day when all of the “heavy lifting” of the marathon training program is in the books.  All that remains at that point is to reduce training mileage and allow your body to heal and repair itself from the rigors of training prior to race day.

But for now, the taper seems like it is far, far away.  As I mentioned before, there is not a lot of sense looking ahead at this point.  I am just taking the days as they come and try to bring my best to that workout.

16 miles of cycling on Monday, 6.2 miles at tempo pace Tuesday, 8.3 miles at race pace on Wednesday, 10+miles of hill repeats on Thursday, lifting on Friday, 8 miles at race pace Saturday and an 18-mile long run on Sunday morning.  That is quite a week of training for sure.

But another type of “cross training” began this week, as this was the first of five weeks that I will be staying at home with Landry as Dawn returned to work on Monday.

Planned since before Landry was born, Dawn and I decided that we would have me stay at home with our little angel until she begins day-care on January 3rd.  Not only would this make Dawn’s transition back to work a little bit easier, but I would get an opportunity that not too many first-time Dads get to enjoy.

Five weeks of bonding time with their three-month old daughter.

A pretty good gig if you can get it.

Marathon training is tough.  No doubt about it, there are days when the soreness from pushing hard the previous day has not begun to dissipate, and you find yourself right back out there taking on another training run.

There are other days when that much-needed rest day or recovery run arrives just when your body needs it and you feel like you could run forever.  I’ve learned to not get too excited about a great workout or too down after a tough one.

Like most things in life, the truth is usually “somewhere in the middle”

So as I laced up my fresh out of the box Asics Trainers for my Wednesday morning run, I thought about the day that Landry and I had ahead of us.

First run in our trainers. Goal Hint?

A few hours hanging around the house, playing “How big is Landry?” and watching some Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns, followed by a late morning feeding.  I’m learning every day how to pick up on her clues to make sure that her bottle is warmed up and ready to go when Landry needs it.  There is definitely an art to that process I am finding out.

After her late breakfast it will be time to get dressed and for Dad to make sure I don’t forget that the Dadathoner needs to get his fuel for tomorrow’s workout.

We’ll then start getting ready for a trip to the Dr.’s office for Landry’s 3 month shots.

Maybe we’ll have time to get the truck inspected, and then back home for Landry’s lunch and hopefully an afternoon nap.

More play-time, dinner prep and before we know it, Mom will be coming through the door after a hard day’s work.

You're funny Daddy

It doesn’t sounds like much, balancing diaper changes, naps, play-time, feedings and a little cuddling when Landry is fussy.  Certainly no match for a guy who can climb hills, smash tempo runs, cycle like a madman and cover 26.2 miles in a little over 3 hours.  Right?

Let me tell you something.  I’m exhausted at the end of the day.

It’s a funny thing when you realize that the “easiest” thing that you will do all day occurs at 5:30 a.m. when you run 8+ miles at 7:24 min./mile pace.

I’m smart enough to realize that these next five weeks are truly a gift.  It’s a form of cross-training that may not make me a better marathoner, but will most definitely make me a better Dad. 

One day I’ll tell Landry about all the fun we used to have hanging out when she still fit along my length of my forearm.  She won’t believe me of course, thinking I’m exaggerating, just like the time I told her I ran two marathons for her uncle Dom in two weeks ….

That’s cool though, I’ll know.

Gotta get moving, should be time for a feeding here in about 20 minutes …. Can’t keep little Landry waiting.

Hi Dad!

  1. Jodi Higgins says:

    Could she be any cuter? You just made my morning with that smiling face! Being a parent is the best gift in the world isn’t it? Great job with the workout! I can relate to working out being the easiest part of the day. I was exhausted last night after taking care of both my kids needs and it wasn’t from my speedy run, it was from speedily running around the house getting everything ready for the morning.

  2. tbrush3 says:

    This is going to be 5 weeks I am sure you will never forget. Cute baby Joe!

  3. onelittlejill says:

    Ok…she is too cute!

    When I was little, my dad worked days and my mom worked nights so that they could keep me out of daycare for as long as possible. I was lucky enough to have my mom to bond with all day and my dad home with me at night. I credit my amazing relationship with my dad on those years we spent coloring, playing at the park and reading together. My parents struggled immensely to make all that happen and I appreciate it to this day for what it gave me by way of relationships. You and Landry are both very lucky to have what is sure to be a foundation for an awesome daddy/daughter relationship!

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