Dadathoner …. perspective compliments of Landry

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Training

Sunday was a pretty darn good day.

22-mile training run?  Crushed.

Breakfast with Dawn and Landry?  Delicious.

Christmas tree down and outside for pick-up?  No incidents.

Eagles vs. Packers?  Well, three out of four ain’t bad.

But just about the time the Eagles decided to wake up and play a little football after all late in the 3rd quarter, Landry who had been a little bit fussy and clingy throughout the day seemed to be a little warm.  Momma bear took Land’s temperature – 102.2.

Not good.

So in a flash Mom, Dad and Landry were on our way to the emergency room at the hospital where Landry was born back in August to see what was wrong with our little girl.

Funny how something like that can really put your day into perspective.  All of the things that seem so important become instantly irrelevant.

The only thing that mattered was finding out what was happening with Landry and how we could make her feel better.

After a litany of tests, one more uncomfortable and painful for Landry than the last, it was determined that she must have picked up a virus during her first week of Day Care.  Oh the joys of having Landry in school.

So with Tylenol to help her fever, the three of us came back home after a couple of hours, feeling much better about things.

No school for Landry on Monday.  I went in to the office to finalize a few things around 5:30 a.m. for a meeting I am hosting this week, then high-tailed it back home to let Momma Bear head into the office.

Not a place on earth I would rather be than helping Mom get Landry back to her old self and feeling better.

I'm feeling better Dad!

We’ve got a few training runs on the schedule this week, two days of meetings and then a step-back weekend of training on the calendar.  Each run this week has a specific purpose in helping the legs and mind relax a bit after last weeks big push.  An important part of the marathon training program that allows your body some recovery time for your muscles to rest a bit and grow stronger.

It is coming at a perfect time when I can have a little bit of extra time to make sure my baby girl is getting all of the attention she needs.

Those 22 miles on Sunday seem like a lifetime ago.  The trip to the hospital with Landry Sunday night?  Don’t think I’ll be forgetting that anytime soon.

Feel better peanut.  Mommy and Daddy love you.

  1. onelittlejill says:

    Oh no! The first fever! Glad to hear she is feeling better and love coming here to see new pics of her pretty face!

  2. Aw little baby girl! I’m happy she’s ok and Mom and Dad survived as well. It is important to gain perspective on what’s important, although those lessons are usually the hardest.

    • joerunfordom says:

      Hi AJ! So great to hear from you, you are so right. Put it all into perspective seeing Landry under the weather. Poor thing. She is back on her way to school today – feeling much, much better! Best to you and R!

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