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Below is the second weekly contribution to the Brand New Dad Couch to 5K Series featured at

The next installment of the series will be posted each Wednesday throughout the program:

Welcome to week two of our Whole New Dad program. This week I am going to ask you too the first of possibly many things that may sound just a little bit silly.

I would like you to print out your training schedule and place it on your refrigerator door for you and all the world to see.

Now having a written down schedule is not an earth shattering revelation when it comes to exercise or especially running. There are some obvious benefits such as having a specific goal for that day. That is why the 5K training program provided here doesn’t just read, Wednesday – Run.

It spells each day out for you in a very easy to understand format:

Week 2 – Day 3

  • Walk at a brisk pace for five minutes to warm up.
  • Alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for 6 repetitions.
  • Total workout for 20 Minutes.

By following this program you will know when you are going to workout, how far you will travel and approximately how long it will take you. This is important as if you are like most of us, simply deciding when to go out for a run when you “feel like it” is not a very good plan.

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