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Below is the ninth weekly contribution to the

Whole New Dad Couch to 5K Series featured at

The next installment of the series will be posted each Wednesday throughout the program:

Welcome to week nine of Whole New Dad program. Just three weeks of training remain and you are going to be ready to tackle a five kilometer road race.

This week represents another step forward, another series of challenging runs as you continue to build upon that strong base training you have established.This week you will be completing the same workout during all three of your sessions. You will be asked to:

  • Warm up with a brisk five-mile walk.
  • Jog 2½ miles or 25 minutes.

You will want to reach the 2½ mark on your runs even if it takes you a bit longer than 25 minutes. That length of time is just a guideline. It is estimating that you are running at 10 minute per mile pace.

Remember to leave at least one rest day or recovery day in between your workouts. Always a rule for the Whole New Dad program, but this week and in the weeks to follow it is an unbreakable rule. I want you to be sure to give your body plenty of time to recovery from this increase in activity. Getting to the starting line of your 5K race in a few weeks is our overriding goal. But getting there healthy physically and mentally is the goal that we are truly after.

There are going to be some temptations growing inside of you if they have not already. At this point in your training you may be starting to compare one workout to the next. Did you run faster? Are you getting better at this? How much faster can you run the next time?

As natural and even predictable as those feelings can be, it is important for you to take each workout as its very own entity.

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