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The good news is I was able to log 80 training miles this week.

The bad news is 78 of them were on the tri-bike.  Only my slightly less than 2 mile run on Tuesday that revealed the pain in my left knee had not yet subsided represented my only run of the week.

Cross-training is great training for runners, no doubt about it.  It allows the cardiovascular system to work hard, leg muscles to fire and grow stronger all while providing virtually zero impact to the joints.

Last year when I was making my way back from my shin injury, I reduced my “run days” to just 4 per week, and added two days of cycling to make up the difference.  Much like this go round, the shift toward more cycling and less running was not of my choice entirely.

An injury forced me to make the change.

I was very thankful for the bike this week however as after almost two full weeks away from running my body was craving the physical activity.  The endorphins that greet me virtually every morning of the week were sorely lacking.  I was feeling more tired than ever.  Lethargic.  “Bloated” and simply not like myself.

After seeing Dr. Fernandez on Thursday afternoon and learning that he wanted me to take one more week off before trying to run again, but I was cleared for cycling –  I jumped at the chance to get on the bike.

Cervelo P1 Triathlon Bike

16 miles on Friday morning with the bike up on the trainer in the garage.

20 miles on Saturday in windy conditions out on Parmer Lane, tacking some great hills along the way.

26.2 miles on Sunday morning, again in the wind and the mist crushing the hills up and down Parmer lane here in Austin.

Good workouts one and all before I head out to San Diego on Monday for a quick group of meetings and a return flight home Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning or perhaps Thursday depending on how I am feeling we will go for a short 4-mile run (hopefully).  If we do not experience any pain in the knee, our spring race plans just might happen afterall.

I would have 10 days to ready myself for the Cap 10K here in Austin, 16 days for the Cooper River Bridge run and if that goes well, I conceivably could get in enough work over the following 6 weeks to make it to the Run for the Red Marathon in the Poconos on May 15.

Sunday’s ride distance of 26.2 miles was no accident.

I’m still holding out hope that we can stand among the marathoners on May 15th and go for it at Run for the Red.

The bike is going to play a big role in us having a chance to get there, but there is no substitute for logging some run miles over the next several weeks to get me back to where I was on the morning of February 20, 2011.

I know we have a great marathon in us, I just hope I get the chance to prove it in May.