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Welcome to week 11 of the Whole New Dad couch to 5K program. It’s race week!

Now before we dive in to race day strategy, the type of things you are going to run into out there and the obligatory “rookie racing mistakes” to avoid, we do have a couple of workouts to talk about. This week is the final formal week of our training program. It includes two training runs and then your 5K race this weekend. If your race day is still a week or two away, not to worry. You can simply duplicate the workout this week for all three of your training days.

In fact, you can make this your baseline weekly training plan for the next few weeks until it is time to start talking about your next challenge. Perhaps your goal will be to safely add a fourth day of running to your weekly regimen, or to start shaving seconds or minutes off of your average mile time.

Who knows, after your debut at your local 5K you may want to race at another 5K event to lower your time or chase a longer event, such as a 10K. That is what is so great about where you are today. You have safely managed to increase your fitness level and running experience gradually and hopefully without injury.

You have established a great base from which to work and have built a consistent, sustainable exercise habit. Your options from this point forward are limitless. Each goal or training plan to follow will be born from these same principles. But let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves, let’s stay in the moment and enjoy this.

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