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Knee Test = Fail

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Training

Well, we gave it the old College Try this morning but there was no joy in Austin as my wonky knee continues to hurt when I run.

I was hoping that the tightness that I was feeling while I stretched would somehow magically disappear when I warmed up.  No such luck however as when I reached the top of the neighborhood at the 1-mile mark the pain was back.

I shut things down after 1.18 miles and walked back to the house.

I can feel some improvement since last week, but not enough to allow me to push through and keep running.  I’m fighting the urge right now just to suck it up and run through it – knowing full well that if I didn’t have a race or two on the calendar rapidly approaching, I would just shut things down entirely and wait until I was back 100%.

Next week we’ll give it another try and see if we can still make it to the starting line of the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 2nd.

The irony of the situation is not lost on me as I trained all summer long leading up to the IBM Uptown Classic 10K to set my PR at 38:06 and earn a seeded entry to the Cooper River Bridge Run.  Now I am just over two weeks away from the race and I can’t even run a single mile.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair, this sport tends to reveal that to you more times than you would like.

So, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, which for this Italian-American usually doesn’t mean too much to me.  A good stiff drink sounds pretty good right about now though.  Perhaps today I will channel my “inner-irish”.