Joe Runs for Mom … NYC Training Week 1 Complete

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Training
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Last week I spent a lot of time thinking about my Mom and her now 30-day long battle with cancer.  I thought about all of the things that she has gone through to this point which of course brought me back to this same time last year when Dom was in the final stages of his battle with the same disease.

I thought about the proper way to remember my good friend Dom who passed away on August 15th last year as well as honor my Mother’s recovery from brain surgery just 13 days ago and the fight she will be waging through 35 rounds of radiation treatments that will most likely begin next Monday. 

I was asked repeatedly after last springs back to back marathons and then again after Dom passed away, “what’s next?”.

What are you going to do now that Run for Dom is over.

My reply then was the same as it is now.  This thing is far from over.

Landry and Dad received a Livestrong Package this week


Dom’s children Sierra and Nico have yet to celebrate their 5th and 2nd birthdays.  They are going to be growing up without their Dad for the rest of their lives.   It is up to those of us who were fortunate enough to know Dom and love him to share his memory with his children.  So that they too know where they come from.  What they are all about, and just how much their Daddy loved them.

I said many times that, “I wasn’t sure what was next, but when the time came I would know.”

Well, it looks like the time is now and just to make sure I didn’t miss it, it knocked me firmly on my ass.

Cancer has a way of doing that to you.

So last week I spent exactly 8 hours, 50 minutes and 13 seconds training and thinking, thinking and training for my upcoming race(s).

After an off-day on Monday, traveling back from Charleston, SC we hit it hard.

Tuesday Morning:  8.3 Mile Hill Run.

Tuesday Afternoon:  1.4 Mile Continuous Open Water Swim.

Wednesday Evening:  5K Race with a 1 mile warm-up, 1.3 mile cool down.

Thursday Morning:  8.35 Mile Recovery Run

Friday Morning:  2,000 Meter Open Water Swim

Friday Afternoon:  20 Mile Bike Ride

Saturday Morning:  8 Mile Marathon Pace Run (6:54 min./mile)

Sunday Morning:  16 Mile Long Run

69 miles of swimming, biking and running with our first Triathlon now just 20 days away and the NYC Marathon looming 17 weeks down the road.

Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same.  My goal remains identical to the way I felt one year ago racing for Dom.

I might not always have the freshest legs, be feeling perfect or have the right race day mojo.

I might not be the youngest, strongest or fastest.  In fact it is a certainty that I will not every time I pin on a race number.

But I can try harder than anyone else out there.  That is the one thing that I can control.  When things get tough, I can try harder.  Not cede a single inch to the heat, hills, wind, rain, course or fatigue. 

Training for 9 hours last week.

I can do better.

I will do better.

Go Mom. 

We’re going to keep kicking cancer’s ass 26.2 miles at a time.


  1. Andy B. says:

    Joe–I’m sorry to hear the news of your mom’s diagnosis. But if she’s anything like her son, I know she’ll leave it all on the table fighting this.

    • Joseph Marruchella says:

      Hi Andy – thanks so much for the visit and the kind words. Really proud of Mom, she is taking it to this thing 100%.

      Hope you, your wife and little G-man are doing great!

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