NYC Marathon Training – Week 2 Complete

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Training
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We are one more step closer to the starting line of the NYC Marathon after completing our first 100 Mile Training week.

Trying to balance my preparation for my first Triathlon on July 31 along with building a strong base for NYC has me burning the candle at both ends just a bit.  I know that I have to get stronger on my swim.  I also know that the only way to get stronger on the bike is to log time in the saddle.  I also know that the marathon makes exceptions for nobody.  If you don’t put in the work you will be exposed on race day.

And exposed cruelly.

Missing a workout right now is just not an option with only so many hours free to train.  Last week added the complication of a mid-week trip to Cedar Rapids, IA for work, which made for a lot of early mornings to get my miles in.

Monday:  15 Miles on the tri-bike trainer a.m., 1.4 mile Open Water Swim p.m.

Tuesday:  8.35 Mile Run before my flight.

Wednesday:  10 Mile Marathon Pace Run

Thursday:  15 Mile Ride

Friday:  8.35 Mile Run, 2000 Meter Swim Lesson, 15 Mile Ride

Saturday:  8 Mile Marathon Pace Run

Sunday:  17 Mile Long Run

10 Hours, 47 Minutes, 27 Seconds covering 100 training miles.  99.8 technically, but I decided to round up.

This week is going to prove an interesting one as we are beginning to scale back just a bit for our Triathlon debut two Sundays away.

I can’t afford to go into full “taper-mode” as I am still building that base for the Marathon, but I am going to take down the intensity level just a bit this week and even more next week as the race approaches.  Showing up in New Braunfels with fresh legs and a positive mental attitude is going to be a big contributor to whether or not I race as well as I can across all three disciplines.

I am feeling confident about my bike and my run, but the swim still has me a bit nervous truth be told.

This past week Coach Claudia continued to refine my form and suggest a few technical changes to the way I am entering the water with my hands and how “complete” my stroke is.  I had been cheating myself of some power and speed by ending my stroke a bit prematurely.  Cutting it off more or less 80% of the way through.

I was able to incorporate her suggestions into my workout on Friday and my lap times in the pool showed immediate improvement.

Tuesday night I will be able to take that technique to the Quarry where I will be participating in my first ever “Swim Event” – as I will be racing in the Pure Austin Splash and Dash.  The event is a 750 meter swim followed by a 3K run.

There will be a large wave start consisting of all male participants which based on past events should be approximately 110-125 swimmers.

If I was ever going to get my feet wet swimming in a crowd, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so without a lot at stake.  After exiting the lake and transitioning into my race flats we will come up the hill from the lake and then run a 3 kilometer (1.9 mile) footrace, which I should be able to hammer away on without too much difficulty.

I don’t have a lot of expectations from a time perspective for Tuesday evening, I just want to stay calm in the water, experience getting jostled around a bit and not lose my cool.  Just swim my pace, gradually pulling harder each 100 Meters until I am swimming hard to the finish.

I’ll hop out, dry my feet, pull on my flats and then go all out in the run.

The path is rather loose granite and there will be a lot of runners along the course as it will be three laps around a 1 Kilometer loop.  I will have to dodge a lot of traffic along the way, especially after coming out of the water toward the rear of the crowd.

I’d like to hold pace somewhere around 6:25-6:30 min./mile but we’ll just have to see what the swim takes out of me.

It will certainly make for an interesting race report if nothing else.  Make sure you stop back on Wednesday for all the gory details.

I am glad I took my coaches advice to participate in the event, I’m hoping that most of the nerves that I experience tomorrow evening will be out of my system when it is time to get in the water at Jack’s Generic Tri on July 31st.

That will bring its own set of challenges swimming, biking and running in race conditions for the very first time.  We’re still in the, “I’m new at this” mode to put too many expectations on myself with respect to results – but during the run portion of both events I expect to kick a little ass.

That is our discipline after all.  Shame on me if we don’t make a little bit of noise.  I’m hoping to hear a lot of, “where did that guy come from?” over the next two weeks, then it will be time to focus on NYC. 

I never thought of training for a marathon as being “easy”, but I must admit, it is going to feel like quite a break only worrying about my run workouts and the occasional swim or bike-ride thrown in for cross training.

  1. Andy Bitner says:

    Don’t forget about getting enough sleep when training! I don’t know how these triathletes do it.

    • Joseph Marruchella says:

      Great point Andy! You would be proud of me, I actually snoozed in this morning an extra hour and took a total rest day. Skipped the 15-mile ride on the trainer so I’ll have fresher legs tomorrow night.

      Gotta get that sleep!

  2. Cortney says:

    You so have this! He always tries to scare the newbies before we start but you so can do it! Jamie Cleveland has been winning every month – you can take him down. 🙂

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