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Dear Uncle Keith –

My Daddy picked me up from school yesterday and on the ride home told me that we should be thinking about you, Garris and Fuller today as you would be really sad.  He told me that a year ago today while you were on a camping trip there was an accident and Garris and Fuller’s mommy went up to heaven.

It made me sad to hear that you would not see Aunt Monica anymore and that Garris and Fuller wouldn’t be able to either.

I miss my Mommy whenever I’m at school or sometimes even when I wake up in the morning.  I cry and cry hoping that she will come in and scoop me up in her arms.  Mommys are the best, I bet Garris and Fuller miss her.

Daddys are pretty great too.  They make funny faces, read bedtime stories, and they are really strong.  My Daddy can scoop me up in one hand and twirl me around.  He can carry me on his shoulders and I’m never afraid when he’s around.

He told me that I am really lucky because I get to have you as my Godfather.  That out of all the people my Daddy knows and all of his friends, you are the very best one.  He said that you met a really long time ago, something like 20 years ago and that having you as his friend means the world to him.

I asked him if all the dinosaurs at your house in Charleston came from when you two first met each other, because they were really old too, but he told me no.  That’s not where they came from.  I’m not sure I believe him though, we had birthday cake last night and my Mommy said that my Daddy turned 44 years old!  There must have been a lot of dinosaurs when he was my age.

I asked him what a Godfather does and he told me that you are going to look out for me while I grow up, you and my Godmother Auntie Kim out in Denver.  He said that there was nobody better for that job because you were such a great Daddy, you would be a wonderful Godfather to me.

He told me that when I start to make friends I will think about all the fun we have together and that is how you start to find your good friends.  But it is when times aren’t so great, when I actually get sad and scared that you find out who your really best friends are.

He said that is how he knew you two were such good friends that even if you don’t see each other all the time, there would never be a time when you wouldn’t drop everything and do whatever you could to help out each other.  That when one of you is hurting, so is the other one.  It is their job to reach out and make the other one feel happy again.

He also said that by being your God-daughter, you would do the same thing for me.  So I feel really lucky.  Thank you Uncle Keith.

You need to come see me soon.  Daddy is taking me to my first swim lesson on Thursday.  He told me that I would be swimming better than him in no time at all!  I believe him too.  We went to a race on Sunday and watched Daddy swim, ride his bike and run.

He was really fast on his bike and even faster when he was running.  But he wasn’t so fast swimming in the lake.  He was pretty far back when he got out of the water.  He told me that he needs to practice more so I am going to help him during our swim lessons.

I hope I get to see you soon Uncle Keith, thank you for all of the great books that you got for me.  I love my bedtime stories.  Maybe you, Garris and Fuller can come visit soon and you can read to me when I go to sleep.  I really like that.

Daddy says Hi and so does Mommy.  They told me to tell you that they miss you and love you very much.

Thank you for being such a great Godfather Uncle Keith and say Hi to Garris and Fuller for me!



p.s. don’t tell Daddy what I said about his swimming.  He’s still a little sensitive about it.