Happy 1st Birthday to Landry!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Everyone told me to enjoy every minute with Landry when she was first born because before I knew it, I was going to look up one day and she would be in High School.

I'm 1 Today!

I tried my best to listen to them.  I took a month off last December when Landry’s Mom went back to work so I could stay home with the baby and help with the transition.  We hung out every day.  Sang songs, played together – I even taught her how to blow raspberries – which she still does all the time, only now she likes to do it with a mouthful of food.

Dad learned from that one.


But when I got back to the house from my 20-mile run Sunday morning it really hit me.

My daughter was going to turn 1 on Monday.

I’ve known Dawn now for over 16 years.  We have been married for 11 1/2.

Lots of great times, trips, memories, laughs and some tears – but without a doubt, the best 11+ years of my life.

Bt this last year, with all of the ups and downs, sadness as not one, not two, but three friends tragically lost their lives through accidents and illness, has been an amazing journey.

I’m not sure that I was paying close enough attention to things over my first 43 years.  At the time I’m sure that I thought I was.  But truly, I was not.  I wasn’t always taking time to notice the small things in life.  Just feeling fortunate to see a sunrise or how a cool breeze coming off an ocean makes you feel.  Those are life’s moments.

Landry and Dad at Swim Lessons

Not everything that is important happens when the spotlight is shining brightest. 

In fact, maybe it’s teaching your daughter how to blow raspberries or sitting on the floor struggling with the most horribly designed assembly instructions EVER to put together a car for your daughter’s first birthday.  Just seeing her huge smile as she is being pushed around the house in her new car makes it all worth it.

20-mile training runs are great and everything.  They are part of the price of admission for me to take on the NY Marathon in a couple of months.

But all things considered, I think I’d rather be home trying to figure out which washer in the picture is “D” and which one is “V” and why there is no mention of which set of screws to use to attach the roof of the car, or why the small caps that hold on the wheels don’t seem to line up properly, what exactly that blue tab is and why is it included?  Which hole does the stem for the steering wheel go, and why are there three of them?

Does the floorboard go in front first or front last?  Does the key assembly go in one piece at a time, or should you assemble it first …. why don’t they give any written instructions any more?   Alas.  It’s all good.  Just part of the price of admission.

  1. Auntie Martha says:

    They say that once a child comes into your life, it will never be the same, and isn’t that wonderful. God has blessed us
    all with Landry to our family. As first year parents you get A+ and you will continue to get even better as she continues her path through life. “Auntie”

  2. Jodi says:

    What an amazing post! I hope Landry had an awesome first birthday!!

  3. David H. says:

    I hope you both enjoyed the day! Year 2 goes faster … year 3 even faster. Enjoy these moments!

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