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The NYC Marathon is now just 59 days away and the miles are starting to pile up.

It’s funny how during the marathon itself I never really pause to ask myself why I am out there doing it.

All of those questions and doubts seem to come during preparing for the marathon.  Never while racing it.

The individual marathon training days are a lot like the individual miles of the race itself.  There are good ones and bad ones, tough ones and easy ones.  There are days when you can’t wait to hop out of bed and take on your workout, followed sometimes only 24 hours later by mornings when all you want to do is hit that snooze button on the alarm and roll back over.

But every square on that marathon training schedule is a building block for all of the squares or runs that follow.  To skip a workout would be like leaving a brick out of a wall.  Sure you may be able to get by missing a brick here or there.  But miss too many of them and that wall is going to collapse under its own weight.

Such is training for the marathon.

Well this week is our “highest mileage week” of the entire training cycle.  64.80 miles.

I have never ran as many miles in a single week.  After four tough workouts Monday through Thursday I still have a 10-mile run on Saturday and a 20-miler on deck for Sunday.  I feel like I’ve put in some solid work after this morning’s hill repeat session.

The reality is I’ve only done 54%of the work so far.

Preparing for the Austin Marathon last winter I ran only one week over 60 miles (62.40).

This cycle I will do it four times.

Prior to Austin I logged three runs of 20 miles or more.

This cycle I will do it five times.

In preparing for the hilly Austin course I raced six events in the lead up to the marathon.

For NYC I will cross 10 finish lines including our first triathlon.

So what does all this mean?  I’m really not sure.

I am being very careful to monitor my quality workouts and races to make sure I get plenty of recovery time.  A training injury right now would be devastating.  I would have no time left to recover in time for race day.

I am trying my best to get my rest, take care of my body, but still bring my best to every workout, every day.  Even if that workout is an easy recovery run, bringing my best means sticking to that plan and not turning it into a tempo run just because I feel like it.

Plan the work, work the plan and hopefully put this now 44 year-old marathoner in a position to run their best ever race 4 years and 50 weeks after our first run through the 26.2 mile gauntlet.

After 20 and 21 mile long runs the next two weeks we will have three weekends of racing:

Silicon Labs Austin Marathon Relay – September 25

IBM Uptown Classic – October 2

Denver Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon – October 9

Upon returning from Denver we’ll have a final 21 mile long run and then the taper will begin for NYC.

Amazing how fast race day is approaching.

524.55 Miles down, 376.30 to go.