A Post From Landry

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Training
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I’m getting really excited! Tomorrow morning Mommy and I are flying on an airplane!

We are going to New York to watch my Daddy run in a really big race. Pretty much the biggest race in the whole world he told me.

It’s already been an awesome week as on Monday I got to dress up in my Piglet outfit and go trick or treating in our neighborhood.

I got some candy, but my Mommy told me that wasn’t for little Piglets, so I ate some goldfish instead.

I think my Daddy ate the candy, he eats a lot even though he looks kinda skinny. Must be all that running that he does.

Daddy says we’ll be staying in Times Square and there will be more lights there than I have ever seen. More than Christmas even. That sounds pretty cool.

He also told me that we would go to an awesome toy store, FAO something which has it’s own Ferris Wheel inside!

Then on Sunday Mommy and I will be going to a huge park and wait for Daddy to finish his race.

I’m pretty sure he is going to win because he promised to give me his medal afterwards like he did for Uncle Dom after the race he ran in Pittsburgh.

I wasn’t born yet, so Dom got that one.

Anyway, New York sounds like a pretty awesome place for a race.

Go Daddy!





  1. chanthana says:

    Landry – Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple! Cheer lots for daddy. He is a great runner and will make his friends very proud. I hope mommy & daddy will take pictures of you riding the ferris wheel 🙂

    • Joseph Marruchella says:

      Thanks Chanthana! Daddy says you kick a lot of butt out there too! I’ll make sure they take lots of pictures of me this weekend!

  2. Jim in Maine says:

    We love your post Landry … tellyour Mom & Dad that Jim & Patti from Maine said hi and we hope you all fun in the big city. Can’t wait to see a picture of you getting that shiny medal your fast Daddy is gonna’ earn this weekend! Well actually he earned it over the past few years of consistent vigorous training – helped along with some real loving support from you and your Mom – but they will give him the medal he earned on Sunday.

    • Joseph Marruchella says:

      Thanks Jim & Patti! Daddy says I will meet you guys in Boston this year. Maybe I’ll get another medal!

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