The Road to the Boston Marathon starts in 4 weeks ….

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Training
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This morning I hopped up into the saddle on my Tri-bike for my first ride on the trainer in 6 weeks.  I had stopped my cycling workouts as my mileage hit its highest levels preparing for the New York Marathon.  I’m a big believer of cross-training to help strengthen the legs, lungs and heart on my “off-days” from running – but as my mileage started pushing 70 miles per week, taking Monday and Friday off as complete rest days was the right move for this now 44-year-old marathoner.

It was great to get on the bike today and gauge where I was from a cycling standpoint – which was not very good actually – as I have the next four weeks to fully recover from New York and build my mileage back up to over 50 miles per week with a long run of 16 miles the Sunday before Boston Marathon training begins on December 12th.

That’s right – training begins again on December 12th.

That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of “down-time” which is actually a good thing.  One of the challenges I had last spring was that nagging little knee inflammation I had after the Ragnar Del Sol team ultra marathon in Arizona last February.  Just one week post-Austin Marathon I ran with the team from Wickenburg to Tempe and developed a sore inner left knee during the race.

It took 5 weeks away from running to clear the condition and I lost a lot of my previous fitness.  I started back slowly and it took me quite awhile to get back to my pre-Austin marathon “shape”.  In the weeks after Ragnar I posted consecutive run weeks of:

0 Miles

1.66 Miles

1.18 Miles

2.00 Miles

6.25 Miles

By then I was back to square one and gradually increased my mileage from 20 to 25 to 30 to 35 on up to  40 miles before starting my training for New York.

Health permitting that will not be the case this go round.  After running just 13.75 miles last week in the days after New York to get the legs moving a bit and get blood flowing back into the damaged muscles we’ll be back to a more “normal” schedule this week of 39 miles with a long run of 10 miles this Sunday.

I won’t run very hard this week, just relaxed pace to get some mileage back under foot, then increase to 45 miles next week, 48 miles the following week and then a 50 mile week December 5-11.

When we kick off our training for Boston we will already be up to a long run of 18 miles on Sunday and on 7 occasions this training cycle we will cover between 20 and 22 miles.  We will not be doing a lot of short racing this cycle, instead focusing on longer events with three half-marathons on the schedule leading up to Boston.

January 29th – 3M Half Marathon, Austin, TX

February 19th – Livestrong Austin Half-Marathon, Austin, TX

March 18th – Shamrock Half-Marathon, VA Beach

The hope will be to peak with a sub 1:25:00 half-marathon in VA Beach one month prior to Boston which should put us in the 3 hour conversation once again at the Boston Marathon.

I will be racing the Capital of TX 10K three weeks before the Boston Marathon to cap off our final tough workout of the training cycle and we’ll be racing another ultra-marathon event the first week of January with our “Where’s the Damn Van?” team from Miami Beach to Key West, FL as our “fun” events during this period.

I have decided to forego racing on Thanksgiving this year at the Turkey Trot as I need a little bit more time to recover fully from New York.

One race that I have decided to run in the month of December will be for a special charity – the Lights of Love 5K/Kids K which benefits the local Ronald McDonald House – I will be profiling that race on the blog this week as well as telling you about Landry’s Special friend Caleb who we will be running for as part of “Caleb’s Army”.

This will be Landry’s first race and we’ll be shooting for an Age Group award for her.  They have those things for 14 month old’s right?

So come back tomorrow to check in on the race details – Landry got some practice with Carbo-Loading in New York last week – we’ll make sure she is ready to go on race day in a few weeks.

Landry at NYCM Pre-Race Dinner


  1. David H. says:

    You’re doing Shamrock?!? Awesome.

    • Joseph Marruchella says:

      Oh yeah! That’s pretty much my “A” race going into Boston …. can’t wait to see you guys out there!

      • David H. says:

        I probably knew that last year, but was bitter with being injured last year and not being able to do it for the first time since I started running it in 2007.

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