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The 2011 NYC Marathon three weeks ago filled pages and pages of thoughts, feelings and emotions as I put together my race report (found here).

On Sunday, the running of the Philadelphia Marathon marked the 5-year anniversary of my first marathon back in 2006.

As I was reading about the Philly race online, it is amazing how vivid my memories of that first marathon still are today.  I can still remember being carried down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway heading towards City Hall in a sea of marathoners.  Making my way up the hill on Girard Avenue and past the Zoo and Fairmont Park.  I remember the sights and sounds at Eakins Oval and passing by the Art Museum Steps for the first time.

The run down River Drive to Manyunk and the 20 mile mark – and I of course remember just about every step of those final, painful 6.2 miles back to the Art Museum and the marathon finish.  It was one of the most difficult days of my life to that point, but also one of the greatest.  It presented me with all kinds of new adventures through training, running and racing – culminating in New York on November 6th.

I thought after having you read all about that day it would be appropriate to give you a chance to view it from the lens of the course photographers who tracked more than 46,000 runners 26.2 miles from start to finish.

I hope you enjoy the view(s)

Runners assembling before the gun on Staten Islandh

View of the Starting Corrals from overhead

Straight on View of the upper level of the Verrrazzano Bridge

View from the Bridge of the FDNY Fire Boat

Lower Deck shot of the bridge where our Green Wave crossed

Runners coming off of the Verrazzano

Welcome to Brooklyn!

Aerial shot of 4th Avenue in Brooklyn

Hitting the 10K Mat in Brooklyn (bottom right)

Hitting the Half-Way point in 1:29:45

Making the turn onto 1st Avenue

Racing in Manhattan along 1st Avenue

Crossing the Willis Avenue Bridge to the Bronx at Mile 20

Racing in the Bronx

Watching feet in Central Park, course still packed at mile 23

Form starting to falter over the final miles

Things got worse before they got better

Thanking the crowd along Central Park South – less than 1 mile to go

Just 400 Yards to go – fighting for every inch

Pointing to Dawn and Landry on way to the finish

PR Baby – 3:08:09