Guest Blogger – Landry on her first race

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Pace and Racing
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I’m pretty excited as Daddy is going to be picking me up from school and then we’ll be getting Mommy at her office so we can go to the race tonight!

I got my very first race bib – number 2,674.  Daddy told me it’s different from my other bibs that usually go around my neck.  This one he put on my race gear with safety pins last night.  There is going to be a whole lot of runners there this year for the 1K race and the 5K race that my Daddy is running afterwards.

2,800 or something like that they told my Daddy, twice as many as last year.

I’m pretty sure I’m still going to win because I’ve been practicing A LOT with my Mommy when we go on our walks with Kayla.

Daddy told me to make sure I ate all my lunch today at school and was all “carbed up” for tonight’s race.  I’m not really sure what he was talking about, but I never am when it comes to running.

He’s really fast though, I know that much, so I should probably listen to him.

Whether we win anything or not doesn’t really matter because I’m running for my friend Caleb. 

He is only about 6 months old and has already undergone 2 surgeries, with more to come. He and his mommy and daddy recently returned from a 3 week visit to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where the very best doctor’s in the world for his condition performed an important surgery for Caleb. While there, the Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati was their home away from home. For $25/day suggested donation (they do not turn you away if you cannot pay), they received a nice room, free meals and snacks, access to laundry facilities, shuttles to area grocery and clothing stores, activities, free or reduced passes for entertainment, and the little things that make things easier. For Caleb, it was borrowing one of their baby strollers as post-op he cannot sit or be carried in certain positions- the stroller is comfortable and safe for him. They accommodated them when there were complications that caused them to have to stay for three extra days with no worries.

Most importantly though, they provided support and encouragement to my friend and his parents. At Ronald McDonald House no one gave his mommy and daddy dirty looks when Caleb was screaming non-stop. No one batted an eye when they found out he didn’t have a pooper. There is a sense of community with families sharing their stories and becoming friends so that no one feels alone or isolated.

There is no place else like Ronald McDonald House. So, I am running the Lights of Love 5k/Kids K on December 2 in Austin to benefit our local Ronald McDonald House.

So far I’ve raised more than $540 and I’m the top fundraiser on Team Caleb, I’ve even raised more money than my Daddy, he’s only raised $378. 

Overall we are the number one fundraising team with almost $5,000 raised!  If you haven’t helped yet there is still time – you can click the link below or right HERE to access my personal page.

Thanks again!  I’ll be posting a race report after I finish my first 1K – Daddy will help me write it.

  1. danica says:

    Good luck tonight little Landry!

  2. David H. says:

    Great post!! I often wonder what is going through my son’s head with running – he’s excited about it, but yet I know there’s that element of not getting it yet. But the kids have fun, something we all need to remember.

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