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16 weeks to go until race day. 4 months seems like a long time, but when you have been looking forward to a race for 20 months at this point, 4 more months seems like a small price to pay on the road to Boston.

After last week’s 65.80 miles we are firmly in the “meat and potatoes” portion of our training plan.

I don’t really eat meat and potatoes too often; usually Friday nights is the night when we’ll grill out in the spring and summer. So maybe we’re in the Chicken and Rice portion of our training plan or the Seafood and Vegetables portion of things, but needless to say, things are starting to get serious.

This week we will run another “Double” on Tuesday with 7 miles at a relaxed effort in the morning followed by 8.3 miles over the hill route at a more intense pace about 12 hours later.

Wednesday’s workout is a steady 10 miler – again, 12 hours after our Tuesday night run. Thursday morning we will head to the hill for our second (Down)hill Repeat session of the training cycle.

The weekend will feature a 9 mile up-tempo run on Saturday followed by a steady-state, relaxed 18 miles on Sunday. A 61.5 mile run week which will be our “standard” weekly mileage throughout the remainder of the training cycle.

Mileage will be a bit lower during our four race weekends at Ragnar Florida Keys, The Texas Half Marathon, The Austin Half Marathon and The Shamrock Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach.

Mileage will be a bit higher reaching the 65+ mile range in the weeks that feature our 20+ mile long runs on Sunday.

I get asked a lot about how I train, if I ever get bored, does it seem tedious – but the truth of the matter is, very rarely are any of my workouts “the same”. I may be covering a similar route or the same number of miles, but each workout is run at a particular pace for a particular reason either recovering from a previously difficult workout or preparing for one to come the following day.

It takes a great deal of focus and as I am learning – patience – to treat each workout as an individual occurrence, knowing that in the end it will all lead to arriving in Hopkinton, MA on April 16th the most well-prepared marathoner we have ever been on race day.

So in a word, “no” – it doesn’t get boring or tedious, in fact the next 16 weeks are going to go by faster than I fathom. One morning I am going to wake up and there will be only one long run remaining and it will be time to start watching the notorious unpredictable Boston weather and start fixating on what kind of clothing will be required for race day.

That is a 10-day exercise in restraint in and of itself as when the remaining 919 training miles have been run there will be very little to “worry” about on race day other than the weather.

16 weeks to go. On to Boston.