Run with honor tomorrow

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Motivation, Pace and Racing
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O.K., I’ll admit it. Since arriving in Boston I have been a little down.

I like many runners from all over the world descended on the most storied Marathon in the free world with great expectations. I had trained better and harder than I had for any race of any distance at any time in my life.

I came here with one goal – and that was to be able to stare at myself in the mirror after my post-race shower and know that I was the best I have ever been. That I had slayed the dragon at Boston. A claim very few can make.

Well I found out that Mother Nature does indeed have a sense of humor and instead of a neutral day, we will be running in what looks like the second hottest Boston marathon in the 116 years the race has been held.

To make matters worse, temperatures will be rising throughout the race, even as we approach Boston and the sometimes cooling effect the harbor can have on the city.

Not on Monday.

Yesterday I went to the expo and I got my bib for the race. Did some shopping and bought Landry a stuffed Unicorn in a Boston Marathon T-shirt named Spike. On the cab ride back to the hotel it happened.

The cab driver asked me about what it’s like to run Boston. I could see in his eyes that he thought I was someone special.

Not in the way that our Mother’s make us feel that way, as that is pretty much part of the job description. But only the way a complete stranger can. He looked and spoke to me, this “Everyman” from Austin, TX with great reverence.

I felt “honored”.

As I laced up my race shoes for a quick 2-mile shakeout to get the blood flowing back into my legs on Sunday morning I saw the names on my shoes. The people in my life I am dedicating this race to.

Scott Birk, David Roitman, my Mom and of course Dom.

I don’t think Dom would be the type to lay down tomorrow just because of a bad weather forecast. In fact, I know he wouldn’t. He would run the race tomorrow to the best of his abilities and would not let some clock on a street tell him the worth of his effort.

I ran out from the finish line on Sunday, turned around in the street and then ran back over the final mile of the course. Mirroring the final 5,280 feet we will run tomorrow.

Our Bib number – 5280.

Commonwealth Ave., Hereford, Boylston.

Marathon’s royalty.

Tomorrow we are going to run the race with honor.

Try to do our best.

We can still do what we came here to do, and that is look ourselves in the mirror after the race and KNOW we are the best we have ever been.

I just had to change the way that is defined.

Sorry it took me a couple of days to come around Dom. As always, you have a way of teaching me things even now. For those of you following along tomorrow, tracking runner 5280 – don’t worry if we are running slower than we normally do or if my pace starts to falter late.

There is great honor in simply trying your best. That is what I would be telling my daughter under the same circumstances. And I would be right.

  1. Jim in Maine says:

    “Running Boston is never a lost opportunity …” rarely have I ever disagreed with anything you wrote Joe – more often I learn and/or laugh and always appreciate what you share so willinly with us but yesterday was an exception. I am glad it was a temporary exception and am heart warmed to read this. Run it smartly and run with honor or take the deferment … see ya on Monday in hot Boston.

  2. Jen says:

    Great blog! Best of luck!! You’ll do fabulous I’m sure.

  3. ttrodriguez says:

    Love it! I’ve been feeling pretty down too but yesterday I decided my goal from the beginning was to run Boston and now I’m here. I can’t help mother nature but I can at least have fun!! Have a great run tomorrow!!

  4. Jodi says:

    You are truly an honorable man Joe and we are very proud of you in Ohio. It doesn’t matter what some clock says. What matters is that you do your best, safely!! I will still be following along tomorrow and I know you will look in that mirror and see exactly who you want to see at the end of that 26.2 mile journey. Being your friend is truly an honor!

    • Joseph Marruchella says:

      Thank you Jodi! I would Be giving you the same advice I’ll be following tomorrow. Just slow it down and get that medal.

      Take good care!

  5. onelittlejill says:

    I’ll be thinking of you today Joe, and tracking you. Enjoy the roads!

  6. tbrush3 says:

    It looked like a brutal day out there bud! Way to fight through it. I was keeping up with you and was hurting with you down the stretch. Another marathon finish Joe under TOUGH conditions. Well done friend.

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