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Saturday morning I ducked out of the house shortly after 6:30 a.m. For my ritual pre-race 2-mile shakeout. It had been awhile since Idripped down approaching my 5K pace of 5:55 min./mile.

For these short events I set my watch to half-mile splits instead of full miles like I do for the half and full marathon. I like getting more frequent feedback when I am racing “short” so I can make adjustments early should I go out too fast or too slow?

Coming off the bike in a TRI makes it all the more critical as it takes me close to a 1/2 mile before I can “feel” my pace accurately.  After spinning on the bike for a half hour to an hour it takes awhile after transitioning to the run for things to settle back down.  It is almost as if you are running with someone else’s legs.

Splits on Satuday:  3:32, 3:24, 3:19, 3:05.

Run is looking good.

On Friday after packetpick-up I dipped into the pool for an easy 1,000 Meters free-style.

22:18 for the 1,000. Not fast by “swimmer” standards, but plenty fast for me.

Thursday we hit Parmer Lane for a hilly, windy ride in 92 degree temperatures.

20.3 miles in 59:30 (20.5 mph).

No race wheels, no aero helmet – again, plenty fast.

So we are sitting at 87 miles for the week right now between swimming, biking and running – after tomorrow’s race we will hit an even hundred.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be hopping into our second ever Triathlon. I am much more comfortable than I was heading into Jack’s last July on my birthday.  The usual pre-race jitters are starting, but overall I feel very solid and confident heading into the race.

Our wave goes off at 8:44 a.m., lots of athletes will be ahead of us on the course to chase as we will be one of the later waves.

Just the way I like it.  Boom goes the dynamite