Vacation time – Time to reload and recharge the batteries

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Motivation

Tomorrow Dawn, Landry and I are heading out East for a week at the beach in South Carolina to enjoy some time off, a little fun in the sun and visit with Landry’s Grandmom and Grandpop.

It’s been quite awhile since Dawn and I had a real vacation – the last one was back in July 2010 before Landry was born.  We snuck down to Mexico for a few days while it was still o.k. for Dawn to fly.

There have been trips and long weekends here and there – but not a full week of rest and relaxation.

I’m going to enjoy the downtime and really let my body recharge it’s batteries as we start preparing for Iron Man 70.3.

Without a bike to ride and without a long pool to swim laps in (at least I think the pool is short at our beachfront condo – I’ll bring my goggles just in case) I will be reduced to the old stand by.

Morning runs.

We are going to flip the switch onto “maintenance mode” and just run mid-length workouts, 8-10 miles and run them at frankly whatever pace we feel like.  If we catch a cool morning, we might take advantage of the oxygen at sea level and run a few miles at a quicker pace.

If the air and humidity are thick, we’ll dial things back and just cruise.  Ponder future important decisions like where I can get some good clams and blue crab for dinner.  Where Landry and I will find the best wind to teach her how to fly a kite.  When low tide is going to be so we can look for seashells.  The best morning for a carriage ride in downtown Charleston, what to make for breakfast.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to unplug and recharge the batteries.

It’s about time, we’ve been pushing hard for over two years now since we came back from injury after the Austin Marathon in 2010.  Can’t wait for some quality time with my girls.

When we get back to Austin on the 19th it will be time to jump back into training.

Ironman 70.3.

Not bad for a guy who couldn’t swim a single lap in the pool last April.

  1. Erin Ruyle says:

    Have a great trip, Joe! I LOVE Charleston! Enjoy some good seafood for me!

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