Moving On …

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Training
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I realized something on Monday while I was pedaling away on the TRI Bike up on the trainer in the garage.

I had not thought about the Boston Marathon in over a week.

Not a thought about training, about the hills or the course.

Not  a single thought about running a qualifying time or how badly I wanted to return to the race.

After two years of obsessing about that particular event – it appears that I have finally moved on.

Boston = Over.

I’m not really sure what it is about looking back in the rear view mirror on my two Boston Marathons that has given me peace when it comes to our country’s longest running marathon.  Certainly it is not related to my performance as those two races represent my 4th and 6th best marathons.  Definitely nothing to write home about.

But my eyes are now cast firmly in front of me at the next two major challenges on the horizon for the rest of the year.

Longhorn 70.3 in October – our first ever Half Iron Man.

Houston Marathon in January – our next attempt at breaking 3 hours.

Even though I have a “Boston Time” in my back pocket for 2013 already, I am planning to let that registration come and go this September without thinking twice.  We’ve been there, we’ve done that – it’s time to let someone else experience Boston and take our spot.

Perhaps one day we’ll decide that want to return to the race.  Maybe when we turn 50 or even later if Landry takes up the sport of distance running.  But for now we’re at peace.  Maybe all it took was Landry’s little arms around my neck in the finishing area taking away the sting of the race from 2010.

Landry and Dad – Post Race in Boston

So as we return from a much-needed vacation and get back on the horse this week with 111 training miles split between the bike, the pool and the running trail it is nice to have our eyes fixed firmly ahead.

It’s about time.

  1. David H. says:

    It’s always such a good feeling with a decision is made with running. I’m sure you’ll return to Boston, but I’m sure it will be a nice break for you to concentrate on these other things.

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