Daddy-Daughter Week kicks off Marathon Training

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Training

It’s Friday which represents a much-needed and well-deserved rest day from our first week of marathon preparation for Houston.  We have been hitting it hard this week with quite a bit of mileage covered at much faster paces than we had been laying down preparing for the Kerrville Half Ironman.

Monday – 8 miles at 6:43 pace.

Tuesday – 13.2 miles at 7:12 pace.

Wednesday – 10.25 miles moderate pace – 7:24 pace.

Thursday – 10 Recovery miles – 7:31 pace.

The last two runs in summer-like 75 degree temperatures and turtorous 98% humidity.

That is 41.45 miles for those of you scoring at home before the sun went down on Thursday night.  With a weekend plan for 8 miles on Saturday morning and 16 more on Sunday we will top out at just over 65 miles this week.  A nice start on the road to Houston.  In fact our highest mileage weeks during the training cycle will reach just 10~ miles or so more than what we posted out of the chute.

But Friday also marks the return of Landry’s Mommy from California this week.  Superwife was out in Anaheim for work which made things a little bit more “complicated” for this Dadathoner.

Early morning runs which are our M.O. were replaced by getting Landry up, diaper changed, teeth brushed, dressed for school and even her hair up in bows.  Our evenings were also filled with dog walks, dinner, a community shower, PJ’s, Legos, bed time stories and about 30 minutes of “movie night” in bed with Dad before heading upstairs to sleep tucked in with Minnie Mouse, Monchichi and her other friends.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights were Toy Story 2, followed by The Lorax on Thursday.

Which means that training would have to take place downtown after we made our way in to work.  A later morning run or a lunchtime run was necessary to make everything fit.  This allowed for a nice change of pace in our running routes as we got a chance to run on the town lake trail in Austin, something that I only do a handful of times each year.  That coupled with cooler temperatures at the start of the week provided us with some great training opportunities.

But the highlight of the week was spending Sunday through Friday one-on-one with Landry.  We did some shopping, watched some football and then played in the mornings and evenings before and after school.

She even hopped up on the TRI bike to check out how being in the Aero position felt.  I think we may have a future Triathlete on our hands.

Landry on Daddy’s TRI Bike

Landry shopping for Legos at Toys R Us

Landry and her new friend Minnie Mouse

Of course the box is always fun too ….

Landry shooting Dad “The Look” – perfected at age 25 months, 8 days.

Pretty great week for Dad and Landry.  Hopefully the next 13 will be just as fun and productive on the road to Houston.

This will be the first marathon where when we come through the chute I won’t have Dawn there to greet me and the first one since Austin in 2011 where Landry is not there as well.  My hugs will be waiting for me back in Austin after driving home after the race.  Hopefully we’ll be coming home a sub 3-hour guy.  But if not, those hugs are going to feel pretty great all the same.

  1. Jim in Maine says:

    Fun week Joe and terrific pictures chronicling the Dadathoner week with Landry. Sorry to read that Patti and I won’t get to see your better half and super daughter when we are in Houston but I have no doubt you will be returning to them a happy and successful sub 3 hour marathoner. Enjoy Dawn’s homecoming and have a great weekend.

    • joerunfordom says:

      Hi Jim! Thanks for the message! Yeah, the plan is for the girls to sit this one out, but with Brendon not being able to make it, that may change in case I need some care or assistance post-race. The feeling was that Brendon would be there with me in case anything came off the rails … So as it is, you and Patti just might get to see Landry and Dawn. I’ll keep you posted! Best, J

  2. bumblemm says:

    she’s gotten so big–and so cute! =)

  3. Matt says:

    Sounds like a great week as a single dad Joe. Way to squeeze some quality miles in by re-arranging your schedule. Sometimes running during a different part of the day really does wonders mentally! You’ve quite a cutie there!

    • joerunfordom says:

      That’s Matt! Was really a great week all the way around. I don’t travel any longer for work, so being on a new route or two this week downtown was a welcome change. Landry – definitely a cutie 🙂

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