Merry Christmas Dom

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Motivation

Dom – last year early on Christmas morning you might recall the sound of a runner’s footsteps crunching over the frozen ground over your head to kneel down and spend a little time with you before running back home in time to watch Landry open her Christmas presents.  It was a single 10-mile run in a year filled with more than 260 of them.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Just like I remember the last time I spoke with you on the phone, the last time we saw each other after the Pittsburgh marathon and all the times in between after you got sick.  Just this past Sunday when I was running my final long run preparing for the Houston Marathon in a couple of weeks I pointed out to my friend Jim who was running with me where I was when “Run for Dom” went from a wild idea to a reality.

You once told me that your biggest fear was not that cancer would eventually take you from us, but that those you left behind would forget about you.

At the time I told you not to worry about that Dom.  That no matter what, you burned so bright during the time that you were with us, that we could never forget you.

Just this week my Secret Santa sent me a package filled with Red Rubber Band Bracelets – just like the Livestrong Bracelet you wore – that were emblazoned with Race for Dom on one side and “Crush It” on the other.

The exact advice you gave me about running my next marathon after we crossed the second marathon finish line in 13 days running for you in 2010.

I am going to proudly wear that bracelet in Houston Dom in a couple of weeks with your initials and the anniversary of your death on my shoes.

I have never been faster than I am right now Dom.  I have never been more fit.  I have never been better prepared.

But when it comes to running and racing Dom – I have a secret weapon that nobody else has going for them on race day.

I’ve got you.

So when things get tough down in Houston and I want to back off of pace to save myself for the finish, I know you are going to be right there with me, in my ear the whole time telling me not to give up.

Thanks for everything Dom – I know that there are people all over that will be thinking about you today, opening gifts, sharing stories and talking about their Husband, Dada, Son, Brother, Cousin, Nephew and Friend Dom.  They will be smiling most of the time, laughing a lot and crying a little.  We all miss the hell out of you Dom and not a day goes by when I don’t think about you still.

You were all-time Dom.  Just know that nobody has and nobody who knew you will ever forget you.

Make sure you keep your morning clear on Jan. 13th Dom.  Something special is going to be going on down in Houston that morning.  Just know you are a huge part of it.  Merry Christmas my brother.


  1. Jim in Maine says:

    Spot on as always Joe … on this Christmas day as you enjoy another great day with Dawn and Landry it is telling that you take the time to also remember and give thanks to your guardian angel who physically left this world at a time too early but Dom also made such a strong lasting impression that his presence lives on not only as a memory but as a special spiritual being. You both were and are blessed by your relationship. Patti and I wish nothing but the very for you and yours today and always!

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