February 1st – Here we go

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Training

When I realized that our Achilles strain was not going to be a short-term setback and the Houston Marathon came and went without any improvement, I needed to pick a new goal and that became a full return to pain-free running by February 1st.

With 4.5 pain-free miles on Wednesday, followed by another 5.5 on Friday, it looks like we made it.

The satisfaction was not as rewarding as it would have been running our 2:59:00 down in Houston, but it is important to continue to put goals out in front of yourself.  Even small goals help you realize that even though you might have been knocked down, you still have what it takes keep getting back up.

So here we are.  A runner once again.

The last time we really “pushed it” out there we ran a new half-marathon PR in 1:23:30.  13.1 miles at 6:22 pace.

I’m not sure we could hit that pace for even 2 miles right now, but again, that is not the goal.  Not right now anyway.

Next week we are going to run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – somewhere around 25, all 7:20-7:50 pace.

The following wee we are going to run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – 35 miles dropping the last two miles on Sunday under 7:00 for the first time since December.

Without any setbacks to that point we will resume our usual, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday routine and start adding in specific workouts.  Off-Ons, Hill Repeats and we will start to build a training program that will let us peak for the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC on April 6th.

Race Start - Cooper River Bridge Run

Race Start – Cooper River Bridge Run

It is not exactly the Chevron Houston Marathon, but the Cooper River Bridge Run is the third largest 10K in the nation.  It features a tough course and we will be seeded among the elite amateurs compliments of our 37:30 qualifying time.  It is not a PR course, not by a longshot with a several hundred foot climb up to the top of the Bridge – but we are going to be as prepared as possible to let it all hang out and push things to the limit.

The climb

The climb

They say that it takes 2 days to regain your fitness for every day that you miss to injury.

We missed 35 days, meaning it will take us 70 days to get it all back.

We have 65 days until race day in Charleston …. I’ve always been somewhat of an overachiever.

April 6th – Boom goes the dynamite.

  1. Eric Matyskiela says:

    Great to see you back to running! Your fitness level has to be very high since you kept up with your cross-training. You’ll be back to your ace pace in no time! Congratulations on making the elite corral! Judging by the photo, that puts you in some prime real estate at the start line!

  2. David H. says:

    Glad to see you bouncing back and focusing on something. I’d love to do that race one day – I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

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