Boston Marathon – Sadness on a day that should have been anything but

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Training

The Boston Marathon will never be the same, but for the families of the two people who were killed and the dozens who were injured at the finish line on Boylston Street – their lives are forever changed.

I can remember the first time I turned onto Boylston Street running perhaps the greatest 3/10 of a mile in road racing for Dom back in 2010.  Enjoying the spotlight, the rockstar treatment as spectators lined the street and yelled encouragement.  Those spectators make the pain that has manifested itself over the last 26 miles fade to the recesses of your mind and for at least a few moments, you feel whole again.

Those cheers fuel runners on when everything in their mind and bodies is screaming at them to stop.

It should be a celebration for so many.  Not only for the runners themselves, but for the families of those runners who put up with all the lunacy that goes along with training for an event like Boston.

The early nights to sleep.  The earlier alarm clocks on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Missing out on “fun things” as runners are preparing for their training runs and especially those 20 mile+ training runs.

I think of the marathons I’ve run to date and Dawn has been there at the finish line of every last one of them.

Waiting there patiently for me to finish.  Hoping to see me make the final turn and speed toward the finish line.  Never once did we ever worry about her safety or that of Landry who was at the finish line in Austin, New York and Boston in her first 2 years on the planet.

So today we are faced with a new reality.  Just as we were after 9/11.

It is times like these when you know making proclamations is a fools errand.  I’m going to run again.  Heck, I’m going to run tomorrow morning.

I’m going to race again and I’m going to run marathons again.  Boston III?  New York II?  Chicago?  Berlin?  All races that I pondered either making a return to or running for the first time such as Chicago or Berlin.  I’m just not sure that I want to put my loved ones in situations like that going forward.

It is a shame as I know that changing the way that you live your life after moments like these are exactly what terrorists want.  They want to create fear and chaos.  They want to strip away of freedom.  Rob us of those experiences.

As much as I don’t want to let that happen, or contribute to that response to what happened today in Boston – as a Husband and a Dad I need to take the long view here and make sure that I am making the right decisions that are best for everyone.  Boston is more than likely no longer in my future – which is truly sad.

For those families effected by the events of this afternoon – my heart goes out to you.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers here in Austin and tonight Landry will add you to her list of people she asks God to bless before drifting off to sleep in her big-girl bed.

As for the cowardly pieces of human garbage that are responsible for what took place today in Boston – I hope you get everything coming to you.  Karma is a bitch and I hope that it rains down on you with furious vengeance.  I wouldn’t waste a squirt of piss on you if you were on fire standing in front of me.

  1. Well said Joe. Sickening to say the least. Nauseating and heart-wrenching. Just leaves me a bit speechless.

    • joerunfordom says:

      Hi Kelly – I just have so many images from that race that are forever changed and each bit of news I hear from Boston just gets worse and worse. My heart goes out to all of those who were there today. Just awful.

  2. Well said. I hope the myriad recordings at the finish lead to swift justice.

    • joerunfordom says:

      Gracie – normally I’m to a vengeful person as it doesn’t do much of anything that will change the pass, but I am beyond angered today. I hope those responsible are treated to a horrible come-uppance. No punishment is too steep.

  3. Robin says:

    A truly sad day. It make me sick to think that a year ago, my friends and people I loved (including my 8 year old daughter) were on that sidewalk to support my race…..horrifying.

    • joerunfordom says:

      Robin, I can’t help but think how fortunate we were not to be there this year. With a Boston time – 18 minutes in my pocket, I just arbitrarily decided to pass to year. Who knows what happens if we decide to travel up for the race this year, or if tis happened with Dawn and Landry in the grandstand in New York. Just so lucky to have been here safe in Austin. Glad you and the family are all safe and sound.

  4. onelittlejill says:

    Always better said than I could. I can barely process.

    • joerunfordom says:

      Hi Jill. Hope all in your life are safe and sound tonight. I feel like ever since Dom got sick, very little in the world makes sense any more. This one has to top that growing list. I’m racing locally on Sunday and I’m going to kick some ass out there.

      • onelittlejill says:

        Everyone local for is accounted for. Few injured, but thankfully okay. The same cannot be said for everyone and it makes me sad. And angry.

        I am also running local Sunday. And I promise to run hard!

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