A Little Low Country Running on deck this week.

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Training
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It seems like every marathon training cycle there has been a workout or two that just become a challenge to get in. Life just seems to conspire against us amateur athletes at times and a family commitment, a work trip or some kind of conflict rears it’s head that makes things a little more challenging than normal.

But this week, I’m actually happy to be thrown off of my schedule as Dawn, Landry and I are going to be flying out to Charleston, SC for my good friend Keith’s wedding. For those of you who have been visiting the blog for awhile, three years ago Keith lost his wife and the mother of his two young boys in an accident – http://wp.me/pHGel-zv

That week was one of the toughest I have ever gone through, only to be followed by us losing Dom two weeks later. Talk about a month you will never forget.

Then thankfully when I was asking myself a lot of questions that have no answers our little girl Landry arrived on August 29th. Timing as they say is everything. After losing two people that you care about so tragically just a handful of days apart there was something magical about holding my daughter in the hospital that Sunday morning. She was born on a long day of course – just the way any marathoner’s child should be brought into the world.



So before our Wednesday morning flight we had a workout to get in.

16 X 400 M with 200 M recoveries.

All at 95″ goal (6:20 pace)

A 3:15 a.m. alarm clock put us on the surface of the track at 3:55 a.m. A slow two-mile wake-up, I mean warm-up – same difference – in 16:00 minutes flat deposited us at the start of our workout at 4:11 a.m. 400 after 400 followed:

:95, :93, :94, :95, :94, :95, :93, :94, :95 :93, :94, :94, :94, :93, :93, :93.

With 200 M recoveries the workout ended up being 6 miles on the track with 3 miles warm-up and cool-down. 9 miles total.

Then it was back home for a shower, a quick packing of our run gear and off to the Low Country of South Carolina for a few days of visiting with the parents and watching Landry’s Godfather get married.

All in a days work for the amateur endurance athlete. We all know sleep is an important part of training. We’ll try to take care of ourselves this week, grab a cat-nap or two here and there and be ready to hit the streets of Charleston for our Thursday and Saturday workouts.

11 1/2 weeks to go.

  1. Andy B. says:

    Good job. I had a hiccup in my schedule, so I’m doing the 16 x 400s at lunch today. I’m not sure I believe I can hit the paces Carmen gave me, but we’ll see. Have a good trip!

  2. Steve Speirs says:

    Way to get it done, Joe!

  3. If my clock doesn’t have a “5” or “6” at the beginning – forget it. I can’t do it!

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