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It’s race-week at the Big Cottonwood Marathon in Salt Lake City.  A weekend that I had been looking forward to since May when I started to ramp up marathon preparations.  But on July 24th when we were forced to cut our track workout abruptly short during the middle of our final 400 – our race went bye-bye in the blink of an eye.

I thought I would be a little bit down this week, knowing that our opportunity to re-qualify for Boston would be right in front of us this Saturday – but instead I’m pretty even-keeled about the whole thing.  Nobody who trains hard and races seriously likes to pull out of an event.  It is something that happens to everyone if you race long enough, but for us this makes the second straight marathon that has passed us by.  Houston in January, Cottonwood in September.  That makes for a tough year.

That said, I’m more excited about the future than I am disappointed about the past.

I’m back training pain-free, which is a blessing.  In fact, even with the layoff, my fitness level is not too far away from where it normally is when we start a training cycle.  I’m not totally dialed in and ready to crush a race right now, but I don’t really need to be.  I don’t have an event that I really care about until December 7th on the calendar, so in the meantime we are going to build our base back on the bike, in the pool and on the trail so that when we kick off Ironman Training on November 18th, we will have a solid 10-weeks of base building in the three disciplines.  An enviable position heading into Ironman Training.

By the time Iron Man Texas rolls around we will have spent more than 448 hours training.

99:25:00 in the pool.

126:56:00 running.

222:20:00 in the saddle.

If things go our way on race day and we can dial in our nutrition properly hopefully we will be able to spend just 90 minutes in the water, 345 minutes on the bike and 230 minutes on the run course.

The bike will be the major focus in our training spending about 9 1/2 DAYS riding.  That fitness will supplement our run training, where we will be cutting our runs down to just 3-4 workouts per week stressing quality over quantity.  Our swims will build fitness of course, but will also serve as recovery workouts from all of the miles on land.

Come race day, we’ll be as ready as we can be for what some people call the toughest endurance event on the planet.  Finishing it is really the only goal I am going to have on race day.  The same philosophy I had going into my first marathon in 2006 in Philly (3:58:08) – A time ironically that if I can lay that down at the end of a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike ride, would make me very proud at Ironman Texas.  I very well might run the slowest marathon I ever have on May 17th – but in a lot of ways it is sure to be my greatest.

Just finish.  At the end of the day, nothing else is going to matter.