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At lunchtime today on the East Coast the lottery for entry into this year’s ING NYC Marathon will be held.

The New York Road Runners are touting this as Marathon Opening Day.

Back in 2006 when I started training for my first ever Marathon in Philadelphia, I had originally hoped to make my debut at NYC.

Not knowing much about the sport at that time, and what my chances were of gaining entry through the lottery – I settled on Philly which would be run just a few weeks after NYC.  This gave me guaranteed entry and a chance to start training knowing exactly when my Marathon Sunday would arrive.

Ever since, NYC has been in the back of my mind as a missed opportunity.  But as my training times got faster and faster, my goals changed.  Instead of NYC, the Boston Marathon became my holy grail.  I trained hard, raced even harder and made my Boston time in my second ever marathon, Pittsburgh 2009.

Training continued, Dom got sick and well …. You know the rest.

With our Boston Marathon 2012 time in our pocket from this February’s Austin Marathon, it seemed like it was time once again to focus on the Big Apple.  After NYC we will have run 2 of the “Big Five” marathons around the world.

Boston, NYC, Chicago, Berlin and London – making up the World Marathon Majors.

There will be no nervousness today or white knuckles as the lottery is held.  We hold a guaranteed entry to the race based on our half-marathon time of 1:23:55 at this year’s 3M Half.

One bit of news caught my eye today however as word about the various celebrities who will be running NYC is starting to trickle out.

Normally I don’t pay much attention to that stuff as I am more concerned with running my race and racing against the only participant that truly matters – me.  But when I caught wind that Anton Apollo Ohno would be racing in NYC this November I started to think.

Can I beat him?

Surely if we were in a short-track speed skating event he would be looking to destroy me.

Why should the marathon for me be any different?

Now I’m not a Gold Medalist, never will be, but I do intend on protecting my turf on November 6, 2011.

Apollo – best of luck to you with your training.  I hope that you get to the starting line 100% prepared and 100% healthy – ready to take on Lady Marathon with a full arsenal of preparation.

I also intend on kicking your ass.

Happy trails Apollo.