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Below is the eleventh and final weekly contribution to the:

Whole New Dad Couch to 5K Series featured at

Welcome to week 11 of the Whole New Dad couch to 5K program. It’s race week!

Now before we dive in to race day strategy, the type of things you are going to run into out there and the obligatory “rookie racing mistakes” to avoid, we do have a couple of workouts to talk about. This week is the final formal week of our training program. It includes two training runs and then your 5K race this weekend. If your race day is still a week or two away, not to worry. You can simply duplicate the workout this week for all three of your training days.

In fact, you can make this your baseline weekly training plan for the next few weeks until it is time to start talking about your next challenge. Perhaps your goal will be to safely add a fourth day of running to your weekly regimen, or to start shaving seconds or minutes off of your average mile time.

Who knows, after your debut at your local 5K you may want to race at another 5K event to lower your time or chase a longer event, such as a 10K. That is what is so great about where you are today. You have safely managed to increase your fitness level and running experience gradually and hopefully without injury.

You have established a great base from which to work and have built a consistent, sustainable exercise habit. Your options from this point forward are limitless. Each goal or training plan to follow will be born from these same principles. But let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves, let’s stay in the moment and enjoy this.

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Below is the tenth weekly contribution to the:

Whole New Dad Couch to 5K Series featured at

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Welcome to week 10 of the Whole New Dad program. It’s a big week this week. Three tough workouts on the schedule that will move you ever-closer to the starting line of that 5K race circled on your calendar.

Just like last week you will be completing the identical workout during all three of your sessions. Only this time you will be extending each of your runs by another ¼ mile. You will be asked to:

  • Warm up with a brisk 5-mile walk.
  • Jog 2 ¾ miles or 28 minutes.

You will want to reach the 2 ¾ mile mark on your runs even if it takes you a bit longer than 28 minutes. Don’t worry about the time so much as covering the distance at this point. A faster or slower pace from one workout to the next is not important.

The key is for you to get out there three times this week and cover those 2 ¾ miles without fail. Remember as always to leave at least one rest day in between workouts for your body to recover to the increased load.

In just 2½ months you have made some pretty remarkable progress. You have transformed yourself from someone struggling to find time to exercise on a regular basis to a runner.

That’s right. I said it. You are a runner.

Now back in week number one when you and I started this journey together I poked a little fun at “the runner”. The guy or gal who is out there in any kind of weather, decked out in all the latest gear, glancing down at their wrist every few strides, counting the minutes, the seconds, the hundredths of seconds.

I came clean at that point and told you that I was in fact “one of those guys”. No doubt about it if you could have seen some of the conditions I trained through on my way to the starting line of the Austin Marathon on February 20th, I’m sure you would have been shaking your head.

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Below is the ninth weekly contribution to the

Whole New Dad Couch to 5K Series featured at

The next installment of the series will be posted each Wednesday throughout the program:

Welcome to week nine of Whole New Dad program. Just three weeks of training remain and you are going to be ready to tackle a five kilometer road race.

This week represents another step forward, another series of challenging runs as you continue to build upon that strong base training you have established.This week you will be completing the same workout during all three of your sessions. You will be asked to:

  • Warm up with a brisk five-mile walk.
  • Jog 2½ miles or 25 minutes.

You will want to reach the 2½ mark on your runs even if it takes you a bit longer than 25 minutes. That length of time is just a guideline. It is estimating that you are running at 10 minute per mile pace.

Remember to leave at least one rest day or recovery day in between your workouts. Always a rule for the Whole New Dad program, but this week and in the weeks to follow it is an unbreakable rule. I want you to be sure to give your body plenty of time to recovery from this increase in activity. Getting to the starting line of your 5K race in a few weeks is our overriding goal. But getting there healthy physically and mentally is the goal that we are truly after.

There are going to be some temptations growing inside of you if they have not already. At this point in your training you may be starting to compare one workout to the next. Did you run faster? Are you getting better at this? How much faster can you run the next time?

As natural and even predictable as those feelings can be, it is important for you to take each workout as its very own entity.

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Below is the fourth weekly contribution to the

Whole New Dad Couch to 5K Series featured at

The next installment of the series will be posted each Wednesday throughout the program:

Welcome to week four of our Whole New Dad program. At the start of this week you have achieved quite a few milestones in a very short period of time. Before you take your first strides this week you will have:

  1. Gotten off the couch and onto your feet.
  2. Established three workout days per week.
  3. Completed six walking workouts lasting two hours and 15 minutes.
  4. Completed three jog/walk sessions with 18 minutes of jogging and 42 minutes of walking.

That wasn’t so bad was it? Are you ready for more? Good, because this week is a key week when it comes to getting you to the starting line of that 5K in two months. We are going to be continuing with our “interval” training this week, alternating jogging and walking for six repetitions just as we did last week.

To take advantage of the improvement that you made last week and to capitalize on that forward momentum, we are going to increase the length of your jog and walk intervals for week number four.

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Last November when training was just about to get started for the back to back marathons I would be running for Dom this blog, Joe Runs for Dom launched.  I had what I thought was an interesting story to share, one of my good friend literally in the fight of his life battling cancer.

While he was going from treatment to treatment and procedure to procedure Dom was fighting for the gift of “more time”.

More time with his wife Val, more time with his children Sierra and Nico, more time with family and friends.  Most importantly he was fighting for enough time for medical advancement to give Dom a real chance at long-term health and survival.

All the while I was in a race against time.  While Dom wanted things to slow down, I wanted my running to speed up.  I was pushing myself back from an injury, hoping to run two consecutive marathons in 13 days to honor Dom’s battle and raise money for treatment costs and his children’s education.

The irony of those days is not lost on me.  Dom passed away on August 15th and still a day does not pass by that I do not think of him.  The first time comes each morning when I am sitting on the edge of the tub putting on my running shoes in the bathroom.  Usually by 5:00 a.m. I get a reminder of just how lucky I am. 

Not too many people are as fortunate as I am to be given that gift each and every day.  The gift of awareness.  The knowledge that I am truly blessed with my health, a career I enjoy and most importantly what I hope will be a long future spent with Dawn and Landry.

The next time usually occurs at some point during my run.  It may be when I come down a hill onto a flat part of the course, my legs churning faster and faster enjoying every minute of my time outdoors.  I feel like I can do anything.  Strong, healthy, powerful.

Other times it happens when I am feeling just the opposite.  When a hill rises from under my feet or a cold wind blows into my face and I feel as if I am being tested.  Am I tough enough?  Am I running hard enough?  Should I be giving more effort?  Am I giving the best that I have that day?

Then there are the times that Dom surprises me.  Landry will look at me a certain way or I will get a “New Dad” feeling of just how precious a gift Dawn and I were given just two weeks after Dom passed away.  I will think of Dom’s family, how much they miss him and how much I know he is missing them right now.

I feel blessed.  I feel as if I for whatever reason have been given a gift and it is my responsibility to never ever take it for granted.  For it can all be taken away from you so quickly.

I have made many friendships and met wonderful people over the last 15 months or so while I have been running, writing and racing for Dom.  People who I never would have been fortunate enough to meet had it not be for Run for Dom.

Just last week I was asked to contribute as a content writer at Man of the House.  A wonderful “real man’s magazine” as they describe it.  A guide for the jack of all trades trying to be better.  Better at work, better at home, better as a father and as a husband. 

You can visit Man of the House by clicking here.

There are areas that address Home Improvement, Food and Cooking, Money and Career, Technology and Gear, Family and Parenting, Relationships, Looking Good and of course Feeling Good.

Photo property of Man of the House

I will be contributing to the “Feeling Good” area of the magazine, specifically exercise.

This is yet another gift from Dom.  Another opportunity to give something back, possibly help someone who needs a little push to improve their body, mind and spirit.

Over the next few months you will be able to check in weekly with:

Whole New Dad.

The series is a couch to 5K program created specifically to get a busy working man, (or woman – don’t tell anyone!) into a solid and safe 3 day per week exercise program to go from couch to the starting line of a 5K race.

I will be serving as virtual coach and motivator to help others start on a path that I myself traveled back in 2006.

To see the training plan click here.

Do I expect the readers to be chasing marathon aspirations in a couple of years?  

Nah.  But you never can tell, perhaps some of them will.  What I do know for sure is that I am so very excited to help motivate and inspire others to dare to try.

Dare to try something different.

Dare to try something that will be rewarding, but will require you to work for it.

Dare to try something that may very well may take you places you never imagined.

I hope you stop by from time to time to visit.  If you have been putting off giving this “running thing” a try and the idea of running your first 5K by the time March rolls around, this might very well be the surprise you have been looking for.

What have you got to lose?   A few pounds maybe?

What have you got to gain?  Let’s find out together.