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The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic around the Marruchella house.  A couple of Birthdays the last week of August, Landry – turned 3 on Aug. 29th.  Dawn turned …. older …. on the 31st and the following weekend we made our way up to Dallas to pick-up the newest member of the family Abby.

Abby at 8 weeks

Abby at 8 weeks

Abby is now a 10-week old Schipperke pup.  The same breed our last two Dogs have been.  In fact, Abby was born on July 7th in Oklahoma City, just two days after Kayla was put to rest at 17 1/2 years old.  We thought that Santa was going to bring Landry a new best friend at Christmas this year, but we were fortunate to find a litter just north of Texas that had a little girl remaining.  So on Labor Day weekend we drove up to our friend’s house in Frisco and met up with the breeder to bring Abby back to Austin.

Landry and Abby are quickly becoming buddies – and with the exception of Abby still needing to learn what she is allowed to chew on (Toys) and what she is not (Toes, Fingers, Computer Cords, Rugs, Running Shoes, Dirty Clothes, Remote Controls, Carpet, Mulch, Grass etc.) and where to go to the bathroom (Outside) – she is fitting right in at home.

Landry and Abby

Landry and Abby

The final addition to the house was a new Triathlon Bike.  My trusty Cervelo P1 that got us through training for Run for Dom and a couple of podium finishes including at our first Half-Ironman was ready to be replaced.  Training for Ironman and competing/completing the 112 mile bike leg was going to demand a little more than the P1 was able to give us with its aluminum frame – especially on the comfort side of things.  So I spent a great deal of time looking at the TREK speed concept, Cervelo P3 and offerings from Felt and Specialized.

I thought I had my mind made up to go with the Cervelo once again, but the price tag was a little more than I was willing to stomach.  The bike is beautiful, comfortable and fast – but I’m not a professional triathlete.  I don’t even play one on TV.  I do not need a $8,000 race day set-up including my wheels.  That is just silliness.

I stopped into Austin Multi-Sport in Round Rock, TX – which was the last shop on my list to visit and talk bikes – when I hopped on the full-carbon Quintana Roo CD.01.  Without even being fitted properly, I settled onto the saddle and down in to the aero bars and knew I had found our bike for Ironman TX.QR CD.01

Tom Ruthven – who is coincidentally the brother of Don Ruthven at Austin Tri Cyclist who sold me the Cervelo P1 – did a great job working with me on trading in my old bike, getting the price down to the level I could stomach and gave me a professional fit.

The full carbon CD.01 is very light, very smooth and with a few rides under my belt – a fast, great climbing bike.  It’s also worthy of a few looks when we roll into transition in May down in The Woodlands for Ironman.

By then Abby might weigh 1/2 what the Quintana Roo does.  Hopefully those puppy teeth will all be grown in by then.